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Whipped Bath Butter

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WOW that is super delicious it reminded me of something that i seen in a store in the city. I looked on their website and i can't find it so sorry can't post a link to it but..... It was packaged in a round plastic ball with a screw top and it was actually a moisturiser. Difference was it was say a light pink moisturising cream mixed with a hot pink moisturising gel which had aloe vera in it. I did ask about it and that's what i got told. From what it looked like they had put the gel in first and then used a pump of some sort to pump the cream in because that was sort of suspended in the gel. They had all sorts of colours and it looked absolutely fantastic and very eye catching. Sorry i rambled on but i'm no where near making anything like that yet and when i seen your whipped butter it reminded me of it and i thought it may be able to give you some ideas.

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Thanks for looking everyone!

I think that moisturizer suspended in gel is the whipped souflle. I have seen them on some sites and I am so tempted to create on. I like that idea of just pumping the lotion into the gel. I have been trying to find a moderately priced aloe vera source, its so expensive everywhere I look. Maybe I will just get a bottle at Walmart.

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