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OOOUCH! I got bit bad!!


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Last April I thought I'd make myself a batch of soap. After a lot of studying and gathering all my supplies, I made my first batch and now I can't stop!

Back Row:Lemon Verbena, Pure Grace, Drakkar

Middle Row: Love Spell, Green Tea & Green Clover Aloe, Sweet Pea

Middle: Mango Papaya

Front Row: Oatmeal Milk & Honey, White Tea Ginger, Patchouli & Red Currant, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Asian Sandalwood



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Thanks for all the compliments. I just made the bottom three this last week(White Tea Ginger, Patchouli Red Currant and Black Raspberry Vanilla). I really like the swirls you can get from a slab mold, even though it's just a cardboard box. I have about 5 more scents on my "Must Do" list. So I don't see this addiction ending anytime soon.

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I make candles too and it's sad to say, but I've only poured 2 candles in the last 2 months. Recently, I've been researching body butters and other B&B products.

LORDI HELP ME! I think I'm in real deep now.

I just got my order of Select Shades 8 pack today and I'm excited to try some new colors for my soaps. Guess I'll be soapin tomorrow!

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