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I DID IT!! My second CP Batch and 1st Swirl (pic heavy)

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I finally made a decent batch of CP soap. I tried to do it the other day and the soap turned into a rock on me! But tonight I tweaked my recipe. Instead of vegetable shortening I used corn oil, and I lowered my percentage of olive oil. I also added shea as part of my base oils instead of trying to superfat.

Here is the recipe I used, 2 pound test batch:

Corn Oil 16 OZ

Olive Oil 9.6 OZ

Coconut Oil 3.2 OZ

Shea Butter 3.2 OZ

Lye 4.26 OZ

I hand stirred it for the most part because I think I just got too overzealous with my SB the other day. Then after 20 minutes I Sbed it for about 30 second, and got a nice trace. Poured it into the mold. Took 2 ladel spoons and poured into some black iron oxide mixed with avocado green oxide. Stick blended that for about 15 seconds, then drizzled into my mold, tok a long skewer stick (150 for $.99 at publics, baking aisle) and swirled up and down, side to side. I had some extra and poured into butterfly molds.

The fragrances I used were sandalwood and fresh cotton, mixed together, both from my sample request from Monarch Fragrances. OMG!! Does it smell good!!! I kid yoy not, my entire house smells like a fresh clean shower mixed with seduction and romantic music and incense. I hope my swirl comes out ok.

Here are some pics, I included a pic of my makeshift wooden mold I made myself, I'm a cheapo:laugh2: $3 at Home Depot sure does buy a lot of wood and nails:laugh2:

The beginning:


My mold:









My first attempt, go ahead and laugh, I used it to wash my bathtub today, and it is sparkly:laugh2:


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Good job girl!! Love that green and can't wait to see it cut!!

WTG on making your own mold as well, I figure (if I could jsut find the time to do it) that making my own wooden molds would be ever soooo much cheaper than buying one. ;)

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Nice swirl and good luck with this batch..should I send my soap angels for ya? I am going to make my own molds too because I am very thrifty like that!..LOL I've managed to make those plastic bottles work for the round soap. I figured out I needed a little extra oil to coat them. I used olive oil and they popped right out and they are reusable after all:D

Can't wait to see your cut soap...

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:angry2: Well, my soaping is on hold till my new scale comes in. My old scale refuses to turn on, even with a new battery:angry2: Plus I just got a bottle of Egyptian Musk from FNWL that absolutely reeks like castor oil, no fragrance whatsoever! $12.60 for a 4 oz bottle of odorless oil?! Arggg. I figured I would give theirs a try to se how it compares to others. Bad idea.

Already suffering from withdrawal:undecided

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