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Palm Pillar Test Burn

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Here is a palm pillar that I've been testing burning. It's been burning for almost 3 hours. It's 3" in diameter I used an RRD 50 and 1 oz pp Cinnamon fo. Do you think I should wick up or should I wait until the next test burns? I really think it should be burning closer to the edges by now.


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Whoa Whoa Whoa...are you sure she should wick up ? What about blow outs that are common in veggie palm wax pillars? I for one wouldnt want the mp getting really close to the edge as to make a blow out more likely. I dont know, if it were me, I would keep it as it is. I used an RRD 50 in a 3 1/2" Astor F pillar and it did about the same for me. Dont want anyones furniture getting covered with wax right??? :)

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Many times your next burn will have a bigger flame with palms. And many times the sides will get much thinner even as the flame burns down into the candle a few inches. Does that make sense? The sides may catch up eventually. So what Sheila said makes sense.

Also it depends on how big your flame was when you first lit it, I notice after burning awhile the flame can go smaller with palms.

Another good wick to try for palms are the p series if you do find you have to wick higher than a RRD 55.

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