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Still Waters (calming waters FO)...still trying to...


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...get the coloring the way I want. :sad2: This attempt comes closer to what I have in mind, but isn't there yet. Here it is all trimmed up. Pardon the poor pic. It's a gloomy morning and I haven't yet made a "light box" for taking pictures.


For this recipe and scent I've tried: white & moss green swirled, a layered bar which I didn't like at all because this recipe doesn't hold the oxides in suspension well during the gel and I get separation no matter how thoroughly I blend it, and now these blues. I seem to be coloring impaired with this recipe. :rolleyes2 But I do love the soft aqua mica I used for swirling that I got from Kimberly's co-op! Maybe next time color the base with the mica and swirl with only the blue....:confused:

I can't give up on this formulation because it is a very moisturizing body bar that is requested by repeat customers. Thanks for looking!

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Thanks, everyone!

Nice! Hope you are enjoying your summer :cheesy2:

I've been doing CHORES that I never seem to have time for when I'm working. That and making a little soap and bombs! (Which is the fun part.) I'll really relax next week when my husband and I fly to New Mexico....

Thanks for the sentiment, smellywax!

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