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Who uses Bees wax in soy/ or other wax

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You can do a search on here, there have been a few discussions. You can also do an "archive" search as well (at the bottom of the page). It will take you to the old board where there is a ton of information on adding beeswax to your soy. That will give you many opinions and information.

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One ounce per lb is about 6.2% beeswax. Usually if I use more than 5% I get cracking in my wax. Since I use containers, it is usually straight across the container. It is worse in the winter months when my heat is on. I usually use 4% in the warm months, and down to 3% in the cold months. Most people use anywhere from 1-5%. But you really have to play with it to find out what works best in your wax.

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Not to be a stickler but 1 oz per lb is 5.9%
My calculater says it’s about 6.2%

This is why you should use percentages and not ratios (1 oz per pound).

Here's how they got two different answers:

Total weight = 16 oz of wax + 1 oz of Beewax = 17 oz of waxes

% of Beeswax = 1 oz of Beeswax / 17 oz of Total Weight = 5.9%

This means that 5.9% of the waxes used was Beeswax.

Kaybee just took 1 oz of beeswax / 16 oz of wax = 6.2%

This is a ratio since it doesn't take in account the total weight.

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I stand corrected, if it is a total of 17% of soy and BW combined, then it is 5.9% BW. Scottopus, I appreciate you pointing it out and explaining it to those of use who are a little math handicapped. I should have worded my post differently.

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