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I used From Nature With Love's Cinammon cuz that is all I had. It smells so gooood!

Is the cinnamon body safe? I've never seen one that was body safe and have heard that cinnamon can burn the skin. My sister loves cinnamon so I think she would really like a cinnamon scented soap. :smiley2:


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Meredith, I used it last night to wash my hands and was fine but I will check for you and make sure.

This is what the site says about all of their fragrance oils:

Fragrance Oils

Our high quality, concentrated, cosmetic grade fragrance oils are skin safe when used properly diluted. Best of all, they are alcohol-free!

Our cosmetic grade fragrance oils will not cause seizing in CP soap and are not drying to the skin. They work well in soaps, lotions, creams, powders, balms, oils and scrubs. They are generally used at 2-5% in formulations and can be used as perfume oils when diluted in a vegetable oil or jojoba.

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I have never ordered from them before but I might try too.

I would NOT order from this Company at all. This is a company that goes by two other names - one of the names is SelectOils.but can't remember what the other name is - Nature something or something Nature? I have ordered from them before. Their customer service is horrible and their products aren't that great. I've never ordered their oils but was told they sucked big time. They are totally disorganized, don't respond to emails or phone calls - that is until you get totally ugly with them. Shipping times are horrible too - takes weeks to get your stuff. Me and this other gal that used to be on the board ordered from them once and what a nightmare it was. She wasn't happy with anything she ordered but my stuff was just OK. Never again.

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