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Hi! I have to admit, I have been lurking around this board for quite awhile just to get a feel of it. I have learned a great deal about candle making from all of you and will continue to do so.

I had no idea how much went into creating a good candle; the right wax, wicks, and the best fragrance oils to use. With all the great information I have gained from your experiences, it certainly makes me understand you can't just put a wick into a jar of wax and expect to make it work.

I started making container candles about a year ago, but gave it up thinking I would never be able to make a good one. But, after reading this board and getting some great ideas, I have gone back to making candles just to give to my family members and a couple close friends. My daughter loves the idea of testing my candles for me; she burns them all over her house. A friend of mine thinks my candles smell just wonderful and wants me to continue making them for her.

Thank you all so much for your wealth of information. I will continue to drop by here for more helpful hints and ideas on making good candles.

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