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Can someone explain this?

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Ok.. To do this at home...lol

The white is a core candle.. Simply apply your colored grubby wax, and while it's still warm take a cookie cutter and stamp it to show the white core candle. HTH

Bunny you are right without a mold. The link shows a mold to make these, that I don't know how to explain.

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This is in the FAQ area of their site - probably something along these lines if I had to guess (and I am :) )

Question : How do you achieve multiple colors on your candles and soaps?Answer : There are a few ways to achieve multiple colors using our molds. Most of them can be poured in layers or multiple pours. Some people will use a eye dropper for small areas and fill each small area with the individual colors. The other ways involve paint. Most local craft stores carry paint for candles in the candle making section.

To achieve diferent colors using paint you can paint the surface of the mold or just paint the piece when it is finished.. The beauty of silicone is that nothing will stick to it except itself. So the paint will stick to the wax not the silicone.



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I actually BOUGHT the jack-o-lantern electric from them.....when I GOT the mold and poured one...i didn't how they did it either.....so I wrote them.....what I was TOLD was that the way they took the picture....thats NOT white but is the light shining thru the thinner (cut out) part. Now.....MINE doesn't DO that, so I basically put the mold away, and gave up. This was a year ago Halloween, so I haven't gone back to it again since. I tried the double pour method, but with the electrics, it just doesn't look right to me.

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Forget about explaining the grubby mold, try to explain who buys and uses some of the novelty molds they sell on that site! Take a look, and figure THAT out. ewwww:shocked2:

heh... you should see some of the ones I picked up when I bought out a bunch of molds from a small candlemaker going out of business! Trust me, they were even worse then these are. I didn't know they were there even, it was just a couple of BIG boxes of loose molds for $10 each, lots of good metal molds though!

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Here's my guess...

Pour your 4x4 or a 3x3 pillar core in white in your metal mold as usual.

Then with your grubby mold...pour just a bit of the bottom in your colored wax, let it set. Insert white core pillar you made in the center, then pour your colored grubby outer core wax on the outside edge. Fill to the top.

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