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I made soap!!! pics added


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But I forgot the freaking fragrance :mad: And I dont' think it is going to look too pretty, cuz I am noticing a crack going across the top lengthwise in the mold. Don't know how I did that, but leave it to me cuz hell, I can even screw up a wet dream!

Thanx so much to Kim for trying to walk me thru this even though I didn't have all the ingredients for the basic recipe that she gave me, so I got smart and made my own. Don't think that was such a good idea, cuz trace came awful quick ( I think, LOL) And I also want to thank Terri for sending me the items needed to start. Talk about two pushy peeps! Loves ya both!!!!

Will take pics of this ugly stuff and post tomarrow when I am able to unmold. And maybe you all can help me out with the crack thing. Probably screwed something up with making my own recipe.

edited to add:

Here are the first ones, don't laugh, but boy, I sure wish I could smell the darn things!!



And after the zap test, I checked bubbles and this is what I got:


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The only time I got that crack in the soap is from over-heating, I think.


Mystical, have you made soap yet. LMAO I say that post that said "I made soap" and saw your name by it. I thought you made it.

Congrat Slow burn. It won't be nearly as stressful next time. You may even remember the FO. ;)

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Way to go Heather! Congratulations girlie! Another one bites the dust! I was going to say the same thing Carrie said regarding over-heating. Over-heating usually causes cracking. Wait till tomorrow and see if it closes back up. I only had one bar do that in one of my "Tony's" mold. Can't wait to see pics! :yay:

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Awwww thanx everyone ;) I am hoping to make some more today, I am having so much fun :yay: I got my dh table saw put together and made me some molds yesterday so that way I can make some more at one time, lol! Too addicting, that is for sure. I made a mold to do a smaller batch 1.5#, and I have the mold that Terri sent me (love ya girl) that will hold 2.5#, and I also made one that would hold about 3.5#. I am gonna play and see what I can come up with! This recent deflowering won't last for long, I am so ready to start making more!

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