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Candlewic new fragrances!

Sarah S

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OMG you guys!!!!!!!!

I picked up an order of wax and FOs from Candlewic on Friday, and they gave me samples of all 9 new fragrances for free!!! *swoon* :bliss:

Totally unexpected, and they must think I'm some kind of madwoman because I literally danced for joy out of that warehouse!!


I haven't put any of them in anything yet, because I was out of town, but I will give you my OOB opinion and report back with actual product results later.


So, in no particular order:


Honeysuckle & Thyme - strange combination, didn't smell like honeysuckle or thyme to me. Strong floral-ish with a woody base. This one might bloom when diluted in wax, it was pretty strong OOB.


Lavender Chamomile - interesting interpretation of this classic scent. More chamomile than lavender to my nose, not champhoric (I think I just made that word up!) like other lavenders, but also not powdery like a baby version. Really reminded me of a chamomile tea almost. I can't decide what I want to put this in, but it will likely be soap.


Lemongrass & Ginger - lemongrass. Maybe the ginger will come forward in wax, I'm willing to give it a try, because this was very nice OOB. 


Sequoia & English Oak - whole lotta wood! A warm bottom to it, the fragrance description says tonka, and I would have said tonka or amber. It's a mellow wood, almost more like a teakwood than a fresh cut wood. I like it, and I'm going to try it in melts for my office. I need a "neutral" scent and this fits the bill.


Fleur de Soleil - despite the fancy name, this is pretty boring OOB. Just a floral. Meh. A little more resinous than other florals, I personally would blend this with something like sandalwood or musk, but I'm not a floral girl, lol.  The fragrance description has a lot of different notes, so maybe I'm not picking up on the complexity OOB. 


Zucchini Blossom - this is WONDERFUL OOB!!! I am seriously torn between testing it in wax vs soap, because it would be awesome in either. Green, leafy, fresh, a slight hint of damp earth, it's like the perky sister of Tomato Leaf. Fingers crossed, I hope it performs well!!


Olive Leaf & Moringa - ok, don't laugh, but I had to Google moringa, and I'm still not sure what it's supposed to smell like. This oil didn't smell like much of anything OOB. Kind of green, maybe a little floral, it was just kind of blah to me, but maybe it would appeal as a spa scent.


Sycamore Sage - doesn't smell like sage. However, it does smell awesome! The fragrance description is all over the place with marine notes, sage, rose, patch, sycamore bark... It is a very nice complex and sensual fragrance that would appeal to anyone who love earthy scents, resinous scents, or herbal scents. This one is lovely enough OOB that I might just hoard it for my lotions and perfumes.


Salt Cavern - great interpretation of the salt trend! To me this is a dry salt with a warm bottom. Not an ocean-y scent OOB, but the faintest tang of marine air is there. Definitely going in wax ASAP, I like this one a lot, and I think the dry salty notes will complement some of the more flowery spring candles I have going right now.


After I've had a chance to test a few of these, I'll try to post in the review forum. Man, I just keep falling behind with so many oils to post about!



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OMG Sarah are you ever awesome at giving descriptions!   I can't do one to save my soul!


Well, none of them appeal to me and I don''t order from Candlewic anyway so it's no loss for me.


Good luck with getting them done and coming back and giving us more reviews!



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