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I’m getting in over my head

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I had a plan, it seemed simple enough. I was going to pick a few FOs, maybe three fall/Christmas FOs and four other FOs. I would get my wicking right on those and then make enough to meet my needs for a year and put them aside to cure for 4-10 months. Well I just finished wick testing six candles and I have 13 more that will be ready for testing on Saturday. It will take two weeks to test those and by then the rewicked candles from the first batch will be ready. Then there is the bag of unopened sample size FO that cries out to me every time I open the cabinet to get the wax out. They are begging to be put into wax, and I know they will be the best FOs ever if I will just give them a chance. And what about the stacks of half burned tins that have been sitting for so long, getting stronger every day, will they ever get their chance? How can they when I’m always burning test candles? Did I mention I have a burn test this weekend to collect data on the difference between 6006 and 4630? Oh and I’m going to have to retest a couple of LX wicks because my test data on them is anomalous. Throw in the irregular batch of 6006 that I received and I am clearly becoming a candidate for spontaneous human combustion.

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