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Need a name for custom blend


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I did a real nice blend of Heirloom tomato, lemon parsley, olive leaf and a touch of lemon verbena and need a name


Candybee came up with Tuscany Valley which I like.

I'd like to get more suggestions.

I came up with Heirloom Tomato and Herb Garden which I really like.

Another one was Lemon Parsley and Heirloom Tomato or leave off the Heirloom.


Can I get more suggestions?



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Hi Trapp!  I’m not the greatest at names but I will throw some out there to try to help....


Mediterranean Gardens- The Mediterranean is where the most olives & parsley are eaten.  So thought having the name Mediterranean would be best.  


Grecian Gardens- Greeks eat the most olives and use the most olive oil


Tuscan Herb Garden


Herbal Oasis


Okay I’m reaching for straws now.  Lol I hope this helps out a little!  I personally like the Mediterranean Gardens and Grecian Gardens the best out of the four I listed.  😇💜


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22 hours ago, Moonstar said:

Tuscan Garden 

Mediterarian   Garden 


Haha! I was just going to suggest Tuscan Garden. 


Trappeur sometimes what helps me is to try out different names I like on the test label. Seeing it on a label can often help to make up your mind. I've been doing this for the past few days trying to finalize various names for my holiday themed candles. Seeing the name on the label has helped me finalize several.

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