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Odor Neutralizer/Eliminator Candle Label

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I have come up with a collection of odor eliminator candles for veterinarians and grooming animal salons.

Which label would you pick?

Also do you like the word "neutralizer" or "eliminator" better to go on the label?


I myself think I like the first one as my choice with the pink couch and the orange one next....












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54 minutes ago, Trappeur said:

Also do you like the word "neutralizer" or "eliminator"

That's a good idea you came up with there. Going after niche markets and tailoring your product to a particular industry. As far as the name, I'd play it safe and go with neutralizer.  Eliminator sounds like a little too much of a stretch, much like the old medicine and cigarette ads.  "Nine out of ten doctors recommend Camel cigarettes to their patients". Carter's Little Liver Pills. The FDA made them change the name to Carter's Pills, because Carter couldn't back up their claim that it was beneficial to the liver. Turns out it was nothing but a laxative.:lol:

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On 7/3/2018 at 2:17 AM, Hopie said:

Here is my take on it...so many companies have the words "green" or "eco" in them. How about trying one of these:

Earth Works Candles (or Candle Co.)

Earth Light Candles

Earth Walk Candles


I like one and two the best.

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