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Product Label suggestions

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Hi All.  Can anyone give suggestions for reasonable label printing companies? Designed a logo and set out to have it printed into round product labels. Tried VistaPrint and StickerGiant and both were very expensive for the size I wanted to print (2" x 2").


Thanks in advance!

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6 minutes ago, Moonstar said:

I third Zazzle ... I personally haven't used them but Trappeurs labels are gorgeous + look super professional !

aaahhh...thankyou Moonstar, Barbara and Jane.....


If you can get by with 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" labels, yes, like what everyone said I sure do recommend Zazzle (who I use).   I don't know how to do my own or have a printer so this is the next best thing (well, I think it is.)  For a page of 20 with the sales they have which is all the time at 1/2 price a page runs 2.22 so with 20 labels that comes out to 11 cents a label.  Don't know if others think that is a good price....but I do, considering I have no other choice..lol



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