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May 2017 Soap of the Month-Spin Swirl Technique

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So this is a new technique to me, so I wasn't sure how my first try on this was going to come out.  I am not totally happy with it, because I just didn't get

the spin I wanted using the silicone 8 x 8 cake pan.  I only wanted to do 2 lbs,   Had I used my good slab mold which holds more, I probably could have

gotten a better spin action.  


Supplies Needed:


Slab mold, preferably

Measuring cups or other container for all of your colors ( I used 4 here)


Supplies recommended but not necessary:


spinning lazy susan type thingamajig....lol


My recipe for today. Just click on the pic, saves me from listing each thing.

I did use full water, and I use 1 oz pp of fragrance in all my soap.

It is a high lard recipe and a NICE bar of soap IMO




My color inspiration for this one.  I'm using an OLD True Raspberry fragrance from WSP that I got years and years ago that still smells awesome. 

I had never soaped with this oil, so I was hoping it didn't accelerate.  It didn't.



My little mold




Oils and lye water measured, cooled to about 115 



Blend until JUST emulsified.  You want a very thin batter.  I only gave it a few whirls with the SB



Separate all of your batter into your containers with your colorants.



Now start pouring your colors into the corners of your mold, alternating as shown



Keep pouring this way until you have used all of your batter.  In hindsight, I should have done the middle, but will do that next try.



Once filled, you want to quickly spin your mold, unfortunately, I did not get pictures of me spinning because I needed both hands.  

Also, because I was trying to spin my mold on a towel, on the counter top, I didn't get any spin action at all in the center.  I just couldn't

get a good spin.  This is where my wood mold would have worked better, or a lazy susan type deal. I didn't want to continue

spinning because the outside edges were getting muddied a bit.


Because I didn't get a good spin in the middle, I had to hit it with a bamboo skewer to get some swirls.  Plus, soap was going over the sides while 

trying to spin this thing.




I was a bit disappointed when I unmolded today.  Number 1, I unmolded from this mold way too soon LOL....I couldn't wait. It was way too soft



I was not impressed with my handiwork.  But because these were thick bars, I thought, hmmmm.....way too big, I'm going to cut them in half.

They will be small bars, about 1/2 inch, but who cares?   I don't sell my soap these days, they are for me, family, friends, coworkers etc....

so I cut them......and WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!  I am so happy with how these look INSIDE!






Next time I try this swirl technique, I will use my slab mold, which holds over 3.5 lbs


They smell FANTASTIC!  I think my colors came out pretty close to my inspiration colors.  


I plan to use those color palette inspiration things more often going forward.  I always get stumped on colors or

I just seem to use the same colors over and over.  


This was a really fun technique to try, and I'm so glad I did it, finally.  I hope some of you will try it, and show us pics!








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 Wow! I love the look of those soaps. Great technique. I am going to try it on my next batch of salt bars. Those are the only soaps I make in my slab molds.


Thank you debratant for a great tutorial!


Raspberry sounds yummy! Does that raspberry stick in CP? I think the colors are perfect. Raspberry would be perfect for spring and summer months. Also, a raspberry + chocolate combo would be awesome for Valentine's day soapies!

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Thanks Candybee.  So far that raspberry is sticking.  I took a bar to work to just sit on my desk as an air freshener LOL...and everyone can smell it when they come over to my area. One of the ladies thought it was a giant eraser LOLOLOL.


I have a test bar in the shower already  and it smells great, though too sweet smelling for my husband.


Do post pics of your when you try it with your salt bars!



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I had a thought.... I wonder if it would work if you put the mold on an office chair that spins around? Sounds funny but it might work..... or spill on the floor! LOL

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