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Volcanic Pumice Scrubs


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I have a line of pumice & clay scrubs. Two of these soap scents discolor to a tannish brown and the other a yucky grayish brown. I started using BCN vanilla stabilizer in those two and finally I am now able to make lovely colors and swirls in them.


BTW-- I sprinkle pumice & white glitter on the tops of my pumice soaps so customers can see and feel the pumice before they buy. But it kind of detracts the color off the tops.


The first is one that discolored to a yucky grayish brown. Its EBB Rocky Mtn Pine with pumice & fr. green clay. I call it Alpine Spa Herbal Scrub. I used mocha brown, blue & green mica to color. I love that I now have a lovely colored soap rather than a yucky gray brown soap! You should have seen the mocha brown when I first put it in the soap batter. It's a beautiful almost irridescent gold sparkly deep chocolate brown. Wish that had come through with saponification but the brown is now a simple deep chocolate color.


Alpine Spa Herbal Scrub in the mold

Alpine Spa 3-24-16.jpg



Yay! Colors!!! Cut pix. Working on a new layered swirl.

Alpine Spa 3-24-16 A.jpg



Alpine Spa 3-24-16 B.jpg




Next is my Mineral Rose Mud Scrub with pumice and rose kaolin clay. It's scented with CS Mediterranean Fig. I used pink and red mica with activated charcoal for the black.


Mineral Rose Mud Scrub in the mold waiting to be cut.

Mineral Rose 3-24-16.jpg



Cut pics.

Mineral Rose 3-24-16 A.jpg


The swirls are looking good I think. But I need more practice to get it just right.

Mineral Rose 3-24-16 B.jpg




This last one is the other discoloring soap scent which I and my customers love. It's my Moroccan Skin Therapy Scrub scented with Goddess FB. Used to come out a greenish medium brown. Now look at the colors with the VS! Amazing. Actually the colors came out so vibrant I had a tough time taking photos without the bright colors glaring. These were the best shots. These are without any enhancements or editing the photos.


Moroccan Skin Therapy Scrubs with Moroccan red clay and pumice. Cut pics only. Sorry, the mold pics just wouldn't come out.

Moroccan Skin Ther.jpg


Moroccan Skin Ther 3-24-16 A.jpg








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