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Soap of the Month Sign up


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Hi Guys

You ready to sign up I hope so. This is not limited to one type of soap this will be open to CP, HP, M&P. Some really great stuff can be done in all 3 types of soap. I want you to have fun with this. I know I will enjoy following along.



March Candybee

April  Chefmom

May  sherry

June Candybee

July  Chefmom

August puma52

September Jcandleattic

October  sherry

November debratant

December debratant


January Jcandleattic

February Candybee






Please pick a month or two, you can do as many months as you want.



I will contact you after you sign up. :) You can submit yours any time you like it will just not be posted till the month you signed up for. I know months like August through December are super busy for most of us so submitting early will help there.


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I will let you guys decide on the theme. I did not want to limit you guys to the weird things I come up with. I do not want to stem your creativity in any way. That being said I am always there if you need suggestions or someone to bounce ideas off of just let me know.


I did come up with some themes and after I looked at them for a while I decided that they should never see the light of day. They were pretty cheesy. :embarassed2:





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Does anyone else feel like me? With all this fantastic soap making...I sure would LOVE to try a bar of everyone's soaps they make even if it's half a bar. I make 5 lb batches and I would love to send everyone a bar just to see what everyone thinks about them. It sure seems to me like it would be torture to read about and see everyone's process, all the awesome ingredients they are putting in it and the wonderful scents while making their beautiful and wonderful smelling soap and not be able to try it. Right now there's just 6 of us and the most we would have would be...what 7? What do you guys think of once we do our month we send out soaps to everyone to review during that month? (Of course those who are making 2 months it would be their choice of which month they would rather do). This would just  make this a whole lot sweeter if you ask me. What do you all think?  Open to ANY ideas on this. :) 

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20 hours ago, Candybee said:

That would be fun but not sure about the mailing expense to all. Don't know that I want to commit to that if I am having a rough month financially.

I hear ya Candybee. It was just a thought I had yesterday on my way to work. :) 

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