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Hey guys... I couldn't find any threads on this in the search spot so if it's already been done please forgive me. I wonder if we could all put our facebook pages and websites for our personal business'? That way we can each "like" each other's pages for numbers and support? Or is this kind of a no no? I am kinda new 'round these parts so I won't be offended if someone tells me this is a no go for whatever reason! Just thought it would be a nice way to share and support!

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I'm not sure what the rules are as far as posting our pages on here but I'm friends with some of the people on here on Facebook and we are members of each other's groups. Maybe someone that knows the rules about that will chime in. I can't remember ever seeing someone's page posted. I've seen links of etsy shops before though.

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That has been done a few times but it has been a while. I did a quick search and I could not believe how long it has been since it was done.

The only thing I ask is you keep it to one thread.

I won't pin it because because Facebook book pages appear and disappear so fast.

No posting personal FB accounts. That is just not safe.

Posting Facebook groups are against the rules.

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Trappeur I have been following every post that I can find of yours as we do think A LOT alike! Thank you for all that you suggest and add to any of my posts

.aaahhh you are so sweet Little Light, I really don't know that much, really...but I try.  I've learned so much from all the really experienced chandlers here and keep learning more every day.  I'm glad your hanging in there with the rest of us! :)


Been meaning to say, I love your name...



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