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Decoration for clamshell melts?


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Hello all,

So... ideas for decorating melts?  Obviously sprinkles for birthday cake, etc, cinnamon sugar for like, cinnamon... but other than me purchasing pre made embeds... (or possibly making  my own....)

what would look cute and coordinate with the scents?



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Guest OldGlory

I've seen 2 different techniques used to change the appearance of wax in a clamshell. One manufacturer used a contrasting color of wax to make thin stripes at a diagonal on the top of the wax, and the other added dried flowers to the wax.

Edited to add:

I don't know if there would be a flammability issue with adding dried flowers or other similar substances to a wax melt. Please be sure to test something like this thoroughly in all types of melters.

Edited by OldGlory
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I guess I don't get why you would put anything other than wax in a tart or melt.  Depending on the wattage of your tart burner things like spices, sprinkles, sugar, etc could burn and stink or other things could possibly catch fire. I've seen  tea light tart burners catch fire because they get so hot & not properly vented.   Sorry, but to me the only thing that belongs in or on a tart or melt is wax! 

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I've used coffee grounds and tea leaves on the very top of candles I made for a coffee shop (their request) but never anything on my melts.  I've seen some pretty cute uses of color in clamshells, with layers, stripes, circles.  Not sure how

it's all done though, mine are plain ole soy white!  Oh and a few pale yellow from fo.

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Multi colored wax over pours like chocolates can be really pretty.

Secret Garden used to use things like sugar cake decorations and plastic or metal charms. Places like Oriental Trading and Fire Mountain Gems have them super cheap. I've also used charms from Ebay.

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