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That time of year again - Business goals for 2016


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I don't know if these are actual 'business' goals, but my goals for the new year are these 3 main ones: 


Make soap once a week, 

Make candles every two weeks 

Make lotion once a month 


at least. 

Then probably mid year I will concentrate on trying to get a couple wholesale accounts. 


IDK we'll see how it goes, but this is what I want to try and do... 


How about you? 

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My problem is with this new job of mine, I have NO vacation time, so I don't get days off - unless I take them unpaid, so I need to revamp my business and really get it up and running smoothly again, so that when I do take time off, it's not such a hit to the pocket book. 

It was hard going from almost 8 weeks paid time off a year from my last job, to absolutely none (including not being paid for holidays) at this one. 'sigh'

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I did a pretty good job last year streamlining my soap and getting into better shape. This year, more of the same, cutting back on soaps that don't sell, revamping recipes so I am saving while continuing to offer premium quality soap.


I know that I want to focus on social media marketing this year and give myself more exposure. It will also include working on customer email marketing. I used to send out regular marketing emails but let it slide for a long time. So I want to get that back up and running again as it really does help sales.


I have been wanting to teach classes on soapmaking so I will also work on that. I already do a soap demo every year but I also found a local place I can use to teach classes and it won't cost me anything so I am going to take advantage of that and use social media, email, and local advertising to get students.


Lastly, I want to upgrade my table set up and make sure I am more color coordinated and my branding is more visable than ever before. I have learned that a more professional appearance really equates to more profit so when my old table settings start looking dated or shabby its time to upgrade.


So in a nutshell I will be focusing this year on:


1. further streamlining of my product & coordinating recipes to save money;

2. working on getting my biz more visable using social media and email marketing

3. upgrade my craft show/market setup including more coordinated color scheme and branding

4. putting together more soapmaking classes

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