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How long do FOs last in the bottle?

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My question is exactly the title of the thread, how long do FOs last in the bottle? I've seen varying information online, but I figured you seasoned chandlers would know better than random internet info. I am sure your answers may differ from each other too, but I think it's FAR more relevant than random internet info!


Surely it doesn't last FOREVER before going in wax, right?


I mainly have Candle Science FOs, and I only have GB 464 wax.

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 I keep mine in the dark.  Haven't been making many candles for the past few or more years.  I had some left from several years ago and was sure they would smell rancid.  They don't.  My essential oils are in brown bottles.  I just got a new bottle free from Candlewic with my wax order.  I smell Apple Peel now.  I just poured twelve chunk candles.


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Guest OldGlory

The unknown is how long the FO sat on the shelf at the supplier's warehouse. You can always put a small sticker on the bottle with the date of purchase on it to keep up with the age of the FO. A quick sniff test will tell you if the oil is bad.

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I was also very worried about this when I started out. I first bought 1 ounce bottles, then 4 ounce, then 8. Now I buy 2-4, 1 pound bottles of each scent I use and I am through them long before they would go bad! You could be the same!

Depending on where you sell, how you plan to blend and what formats you plan to offer, your number of scents could be small or very large.

Online buyers expect large scent lists. My scent list (according to bloggers and you-tubers) is still sometimes referred to as small at 95-ish scents. I try and blend each of my scents (even if the 2nd or 3rd scent is only 10% of the blend).

My only advice is not to get tempted to buy 1 pound bottles of each scent (yes, per ounce it is cheaper but not if they never get used) that sounds good or you plan to test. I still test with 1 ounce bottles and then buy the 2-4 pounds of those that I will use. I get rid of any scent that did not test well. That way, I do not have shelves and Rubbermaid bins full of oils aging with no real sense of what I have. 

Sounds like you are learning a lot and having fun. That is terrific!!

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