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Essence of Jesus


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You could look up some worship songs and maybe find a title that fits and then work it down from there. 


Pull a scripture from the Bible if you would like ... John 4:42


Col. 2:10


Son of God

Light of World



Good Shepherd

Son of God

Son of Man

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Thanks, everyone! :)

What do you think about calling it "Jesus of Nazareth"?  If - like my niece says - it "sucks", feel free to say so, lol.

I also like "Man of Peace", and really like "Holy night", but as candlesncats mentioned, it'd be appropriate during the Christmas season, but not year-round.

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I like the peace theme.  how about Peace on Earth?




Star of David or Star of the Magi

Away in a Manger

Madonna and Son

King of Kings

Prince of Peace

I do too, Candybee, but I already have one FO that I renamed "Peace".

"Star of David" is a good one also.

Ok... got enough suggestions; time for me to make up my mind already, lol

Thank you!!

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