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Going crazy here!


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Can someone help me identify this supplier???

I just received a package with a 16 oz. bottle of fo oil in it. It has no label and no receipt. I remember looking at this supplier late, very late, at night and ordering something. I can't even tell what fragrance it is oob. This is too crazy.

The only info I have is that it was shipped from Steve Johnson. I remeber his fos were $10 each.

Help, please.:smiley2:

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Okay, Paypal has saved the day. It had a copy of what I ordered. It was grapefruit ginger from Wholesale Fragrance Oil Gallery. Hee-hee. Crazy quest. Thanks for your replies.

Just for info - not really liking fragrance OOB. I can't smell grapefruit at all - just sweetness - and fo looks really thin and smells weak. Probably wont even put in wax. Live and learn.

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what ChrisR says is very true. Some FOs will smell lousy OOB but "blossom" when added to the wax. And some will smell wonderful OOB and behave like complete duds when mixed with the wax.

Grapefruit ginger sounds interesting... go rattle some wax pots, please!:grin2:

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