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Fall Festival Pics

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Ok, so the festival was moved inside due to the horrible weather we are having, they already had tables set up for us. The cost was $10, it lasted from 11-1, and I made $181!! I was tickled pink!!! Hillbilly Homebrew sold the most, followed by Sugar Cookie, Apple Dumpling, Punkin Spice, and Fall Festival. I only sold a couple Toasted Marshmallow, and absolutely no Enchanted Spice or Apple Orchard. I sold mostly melts and candles, and the combo warmers went fast, I wish I would have had more! I didn't sell any of my TP, but I did have a few ask if I would be making them for Christmas too. If I had known I was using their tables I would have bought 2 table clothes, but for my first time I think it all went pretty well, and I have some great suggestions and ideas for next time!!

ETA: Didn't mean to add the sideways pics, and now I can't figure out how to delete them! Sorry!







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You have great looking products! I like your TP alot! Too cute! I have a festival too on Saturday..I am a little nervous..I haven't done one in many years. My main concern are my prices. People around here are either Yan*** or Wal****! The little ppl like me really struggle..especially if the product isn't kick butt good! lol I am glad you did well, i hope I wll do as well. :)

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Thanks everybody!! I couldn't be more happy with my results, and I think I've found another addiction!! I was so nervous because I'm not people person, I have always had a hard time talking to people, but DH on the other hand, well he's a social butterfly!! Anyway, I was glad he went with me, I had such a great time meeting people, and showing off my candles!! I can't wait for the next one!!!

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