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  1. sandy511

    Stupid question

    Do you temper your wax combo for tarts or do you just keep adding wax as needed. I use 50/50 4625 and 4630. Thank you.
  2. sandy511

    Fillmore Enable alert 3 NEW Scents

    I also got the $5 coupon and it won’t work. Has anyone else had any issues with it? I am definitely ordering the Autumn Spice and the Pumpkin Chutney. I already have Nutmeg Ginger and Christmas Tree. I love them both!! Any other fall or winter suggestions?
  3. sandy511

    Straight up cinnamon revisited

    Bumping this..... I’m also having a horrible time with cinnamon. Do you use soy or parasoy Bugtussle? If you don’t mind my asking?
  4. Doesn’t WSP make something similar now?
  5. sandy511

    Backwoods going out of business

    This is SO sad--it seems like every time I sign on here there is bad news lately. You can't count on any of these companies anymore.
  6. sandy511

    Grainy Body Butter

    I had no idea the Butterez was discontinued. I bought some and never got around to using it. Can someone tell me how much I should use? Or does anyone have a good recipe with it in it?
  7. sandy511

    Your Favorite Gingerbread FO

    I love, love, love Ginger Spice from WSP but it is just that--Ginger and Spice. I don't detect any bread or vanilla notes. It is one of my favorites, year round.
  8. Gail, where did you get your “Peaceful Patchouli”?
  9. sandy511

    Help with a name

    So many great ideas--thanks everyone! I love Apple FO's so I will be using several of these!
  10. sandy511

    Help with a name

    🤣That's so funny! Apple Grove was my favorite one. Oh well...I guess it's apples & oranges. Hehe I also live in NY, Terri. Great idea! Thanks.
  11. sandy511

    Help with a name

    Thank you Candybee. I love Apple Grove.
  12. sandy511

    Help with a name

    I like Christmas Apple but yes, I was hoping for something non seasonal 😊
  13. sandy511

    Help with a name

    Any suggestions for renaming CS Apple Harvest? The name just screams Fall to me.
  14. sandy511

    415 users

    Thank you for your response Jeana. I was referring to all the new inconsistencies in soy wax that are causing all the headaches. I am curious if people have noticed testing differences between one box and the next.
  15. I, like so many others, feel so helpless with my candle testing!! If I am understanding what I have read right, I might get a great wick/FO/throw combination in one box of 415 and order another box of 415 next week and get completely different results. Has anyone found this to be true? It's one thing if the testing has to start all over again, but does it really have to start over with each and every box? How is that even possible? I am hoping I am misunderstanding.