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Hello everyone

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Just wanted to say I'm so glad I was finally able to get back into the forum.  I had some issues with passwords, etc and so I've only been able to lurk and read without posting.  So for whatever reason, I was able to get things figured out tonight, yay!! 


I've been making candles since 1998 and did that for about 10 years.  When the recession hit I went back to school and sold all my stuff, even my really cool electric turkey fryer (aka wax melter).  In 2023 I decided I needed something fun to do, so I came back to the candles.  Wow, have things changed!! 


I love playing around with waxes.  I started with paraffin, then jumped on the soy bandwagon (I think I had to sign some attestation to Michael Richards in order to 5 lb of soy wax back in the day).   I'm currently using 6006 as well as trying out some EC26 blends of my own.  While I'd love to say I'm in business, for now I'm just making and creating and testing, testing, testing.  :)  Thanks again.  There's something really liberating about being a part of a group that isn't associated with someone's store or business.  

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Hello @candlemavin and welcome to Craft Server. Your story is neat and yes, candle waxes and fragrances have changed a lot over the last several years. Glad to have you back and making candles. I too have taken a break from making candles for the last few years but I want to get back into it and test out some of the more recent waxes.




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