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Bath and Body Patent, Stirring 20mins and Heating to 75°C

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I came across this patent and it mentions two things...


  1. Stir FO for at least 20 minutes
  2. Heating up to 75°C (167°F) and not above


Where typically I read mixing is a 2-3 minutes and heating is above 85°C.

Their blend doesn't seem to be anything that's unheard of, Paraffin, Microwax, Soy wax, SE and Vybar.


I'm quickly making a homemade stirrer, 3d printer + some electronics to roll up some tests - no way am I going to sit here for 20 minutes stirring.


Also any opinions on covering the mixing container/jug while stirring?


Any opinions on this or has anyone found these two variables working better generally - bath and body know what they're doing I presume!


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Many bath products need to mix for long times to fully incorporate the many different phases of ingredients. 

in general candles can benefit from long, thorough mixing also 😊 especially larger batches where a quick stir might not reach all of the components. 

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