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  1. CLVC

    Reed Diffuser Sticks

    @Sebleo I just noticed they sell the premixed oil not a base.
  2. CLVC

    Reed Diffuser Sticks

    @franu61 thanks a lot. I'll check them out also
  3. CLVC

    Reed Diffuser Sticks

    Thank you so much. Do you order the base from them also? I currently use just scent but open to try a diff company
  4. Reed Diffuser makers, what's the best reed stick out there? I've tried sticks from Just Scent as well as Rustic and they both have just been meh. Is there any other place that anyone can recommend? Thanks
  5. @bfroberts Thanks
  6. Thanks @bfroberts! what % of FO do you use for this? I tried 6% on Thursday and just waiting a week to test
  7. Hola! Who has found the perfect blend of these two wax for clamshells? Ive tried 70% 4625 and 30% 6006 but I'm not too satisfied with hot throw.
  8. AAA is local to me and I can tell you that most of their oils were misses to me.
  9. @Belinda Thanks! I did like it.
  10. @Marleigha I finally got my oils on Wednesday. I think the holidays slowed things now. I love it. I put it in wax today and will test maybe next week or the upper week but so far loving OOB. I got pomegranate fig, classic lavender as well as bay rum Thanks so much for your recommendation
  11. @Darbla they do have it up but it was such a let down. It's just selected FO https://www.justscent.com/sale.html
  12. @Marleigha I haven't. I will add the Bay Rum to my order.
  13. @Marleigha just added the classic lavender as well as the suede. can't wait for all three to come in
  14. @Jenni Wix add me to the I wish I didnt read this category. Now I think I really really need that Asian Sandalwood that @kandlekrazy talked about
  15. @Marleigha I figured you didnt see it. I have a sweet sweet customer that wants to pomegranate fig. I use parasoy also so that's fantastic. What else do you recommend from them? Might as well make it worth my shipping
  16. @Marleigha I forgot to tag you in the post above.
  17. @aptommo I haven't used the Hippy Chick yet.
  18. Hey Marleigha how will you describe the Pomegranate Fig? Recommend or not? What type of wax do you use? Thanks a lot
  19. Definitely recommend Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I haven't tried the other clean scents on your list
  20. Hi all. Has anyone tried JustScent Pomegrante Noir? Or is there a pomegranate and fig anyone can recommend?
  21. I sometimes use 6006 and the CD wicks work for me.
  22. CLVC

    Best Fig

    Thanks I actually checked that thread but I was hoping for more.
  23. What's the best FIG FO out there?
  24. I actually started out with containers and packaging. They checked their surplus side and couldn't find it
  25. Does anyone know where I can get a jar like this? I've found some suppliers in China as well as Australia. However, I'll rather get in the US. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd truly appreciate it.
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