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  1. I adjusted it to 5℅ on one and 6℅ on the other and now it's perfect. It was too strong at 10℅.
  2. I absolutely love this scent! I give it a 5/5 on scent throw, both cold and hot. Fast cure time in Soy. I used 10℅ FO load, it's a soft scent so 6℅ is just too light if you're wanting a good throw. I make soy wax melts using GW 464 80℅ and ParaSoy blend 20℅ plus 2 tsp of coconut oil. This has the best throw I've had in a long time!
  3. Absolutely beautiful scent. Not too florally or perfumey, perfect blend. I love CC oils, they are extremely concentrated and are long lasting with good throw. Product: Soy Wax Melts Wax: 80℅ GW 416 20℅ Para Soy blend (for smooth, flawless tops) FO℅ as recommended on bottle for soy.
  4. The owner has a chronically sick child. For a while, before she hired some help to take over in her absence, if she has to be gone for a few days she shut down the ordering on the site. Could be that you were trying to place an order during one of these times she has the order system shut down.
  5. No myth here my friends, Fact. Oils I'm referring to are from NG and they are Tahitian Waterfall, Stormy Nights. Read the reviews and you'll see others say go easy as it is God awful strong. I should have hailed their advice but like I said, I always go 10℅ because I'm known in my area for the strongest most long lasting scents around so I always max scent. I've never dealt with oils this string where you have to go light or it's offensive to smell. Another one from NG that is just way too strong is Moon Flowers, have to go easy on that one too. Going too high on FO ℅ takes away from it completely and is obtrusive to the senses. Going lighter picks out all of the notes in the oil. So yes, it is possible for an oil to be too strong.
  6. I make soy wax tarts using 464. I always go 10℅ but I poured two new oils and they are just way too strong at 10℅, but I made full batches in them. Is there a way to melt them down, add more wax and remake them without losing throw or longevity?
  7. Environment has alot to do with working with wax. If I do not heat up my work area prior to doing pours, my melts look horrid and crack. If your work area is cooler than you normally work in that very well could be the culprit.
  8. I use 416 and blend it 20% with ProBlend 650 and add 3tsp coconut oil per pound and get absolutely perfect results. It is a very dry wax so you must compensate with something else. I go 10% on my FO.
  9. I have just discovered them and am wondering if anyone has used their oils? Are they strong and concentrated? Looking for end results in reviews, thanks!
  10. I have a great gun but don't like to use it because I always end up melting the clamshell and the tops aren't smooth and glossy anymore when I use it. I use the same area each time. I put a space heater in the area a couple hours prior to pouring area to get the air temp equal to the rest of the area around it this last pour and they look perfect! I've never had these issues before, hopefully with the weather warming back up the issues will go away. Thanks everyone for your feedback.
  11. I have tried every which way past cohple of days. This is a fairly new batch of wax. It is GW416 and I got it from Lone Star. When I got it, it felt different than the last batch they sent me. And I know this sounds weird, but it even sounded different when I poured the flakes into my measuring cup, sounded drier. I compared the feel and the sound with the last batch and it is definitely different feel and sound. It is almost like the wax itself is just dried out. Does anyone ordef their wax from Lonestar? Or uses the 416? I am using the same mixer, my problend 650 and I increased the coconut oil and it belped eith the look of the toos, looked great, but still ended up cracking when cooled. This is just weird...
  12. Here recently I have been having some major issues with my soy wax melts cracking after being poured and setting up. I have adjusted my coconut oil thinking maybe this is just a dry batch of soy, but still to no avail, have not fixed the issue. If it is colder than usual in the room that I am pouring in can this make them crack? So far it is only in my 6oz clamshells that they are cracking, the 8oz clams are fine, smooth tops, look great. Can the temp of the fo itself make this happen? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I have not changed anything, same wax, same percentages, same fo's. I am totally baffled as to why this all of a sudden is happening.
  13. I have never ordered from or tried Lonestar Candle oils before. Can someone give me some feedback please? Are they concentrated? And if so, compared to what other companies? I currently order from JS NS, NG and CC and I am pretty dead set on their oils due to concentration. Lonestar is having a heck of a sample sale right now on their new oils and I\m needing to know if their oils rock like the ones mentioned above. Thanks!
  14. candlepackagingusa - Awesome company and has many different clams, including the 12 cavity clams.
  15. Does it make me bad that I laugh snorted at this one? Lol
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