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  1. This isnt a fragrance oil, but a few suggestions as I am deeply involved in the perfume community. 1. Check out scentbird. (I have referral link as well) they have bright crystal and many many others. It is 15$ a month and you get 8ml of the perfume of your choice in a twist up spray tin to house the drop in glass. They also have insanely expensive scents as well for the same 15$ month. 8ml is equivalent of 2 sprays a day for 30 days. 2. Hit up sephora, ulta, nordstroms, macys and so on for free samples. The samples are anywhere from 1 to 2ml up to 5ml usually. They absolutely do not mind. Happy Hunting!
  2. Mine arrived as well! These are all right from the bottle. Oatmeal Milk+Honey: It was described as sweet. Luckily it wasn't overly so. I've been hunting for a good plain milk scent, and this one is subtle. The honey isnt overly sweet and is reminiscent of shea butter.....which I love. It isn't terribly strong. Nagachampa: Dead on dupe for the incense. Strong. Tuscan Tobacco: Very mild, not full bodied. Weak. Marseille Fig: A lovely green fig scent. Strong. Leather&Lace: Predominantly leather, but a nice one. Background is soft. Asian Fig: Quite soapy but pleasant Coconut: Fresh cracked coconut is accurate. Not sickly sweet. Grass: Fresh cut grass, a hint of crushed ferns. Fantastic. Lemongrass&Sage: Smells a bit like lemonheads candy, sage is faint. Magnolia: Truly lovely Mag scent. Ocean: Less salty, very spa day. I like it a lot. White Fig: Hands down, the best fig scent of the 4 I ordered. Very green, and a dang close dupe for Diptyque's Philosykos. Turkish Fig: not bad, I dont detect pear or apple, ut perhaps a bit of lemon? Sage: strong, nice scent Sandalwood: Why does this smell so much like peanutbutter?? Chamomile: A bit like industrial cleaner. Patchouli: Strong and camphorous Wisteria: Smells exactly like johnson and johnson's baby shampoo. Like, identical. Rose: Smells like a strong rose, a bit generic, not sweet. Fig Tree: Smells like a pina colada Jasmine: Indolic, sweet and veering close to urinal cakes. Lemon: Candied lemon. Foo. Cranberry: Grape hubba bubba bubble gum Clove: nice strong clove, background of cinnamon Cinnamon Sticks: Red hots. Overall, Im into it, but lets see how they do in wax eh?
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    @GailC Good call! Thank you!
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    I think I know why I don't often see Indigo Fragrance reviewed. I have tried 4 times to purchase from them. Every single time that I have tried, it empties My cart. There are around 20 scents that I want, and yet I can't. I am utterly flabbergasted. Ive even tried making an account, hoping it would save my cart. I cant find anywhere to make one.
  5. @GailC Hehe, looks like. I am rather obsessed with perfume, which is how I wound up with candles. I love playing with fragrance, I have a list of scents Im trying to create. I lean heavily towards woods (but not pine or cedar) I love honey scents, but I dislike most sweet scents. Im hoping one of those figs is a "green" fig. I haven't actually sold anything yet, but I look forward to it once I get My recipes satisfactory I haven't used AAA, but like you I can hardly turn down a deal like that. Have you tried any from Indigo? I have a list of things I want from there, but the darn site keeps crashing!
  6. Nice! I picked up: Fig Tree Marseille Fig Nagachampa Grass White Fig Wisteria Cinnamon Sticks Clove Asian Fig Oatmeal Milk and Honey Magnolia Cranberry Sage Ocean Lemongrass Sage Chamomile Tuscan Tobacco Patchouli Lemon Rose Sandalwood Jasmine Coconut Leather and Lace I am forever in search of the perfect fig scent, and tobacco, and honey. I suppose everyone has a few scents they gravitate towards hehe
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