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  1. Thanks Talltaly, I did not purchase the soap but, just trying to learn as much as I can. I plan on to start selling my soap way down the road as I like to experiment. (probably too much)
  2. Thanks, I am just getting started in soap making about 4 months ago and I am pretty happy with my recipe and feedback but still not perfect. (maybe in another year or 2,3,4) Always wanting to learn as much as I can. Just curious if anybody uses this?
  3. I saw this on a label and wondered what this is?
  4. Scented I like the idea of adding ginger, that might be the key along with the cinnamon and or the red hot cinnamon. If I come up with something close I will definitely let you know, who knows we might come up with something 10x better! NancyJo, thanks for the info.
  5. Scented and Pcbrook thanks for the info, right now I use clove from the candlemaker store which is not that bad but is lacking in strength and depth. So I guess it is time to place another order to flamings, unfortunately I just ordered from them two weeks ago. Scented do you get in the red clove some orange peel or some type of zest maybe? Looks like a lot of testing coming up
  6. The information was on their fb page.
  7. FB has a good vanilla ice cream that I use all the time for a mixer
  8. Thanks, I like the idea and I think I will start with the clove and regular cinnamon first. I must first have to try to find a better clove then the one I have been using. I will report back when I have found something that will work. Thanks again.
  9. Since Peaks is now not opening, I really need to replace Red Clove. This clove was the best I have ever used. I use this for one of my best selling chunk melts and i am running low. (errrrrr) Any help would be greatly appreciated as always.
  10. Agree with Moonstar and Candybee. You really cannot go wrong with either of them.
  11. I have a KD-8000 Myweight scale. The scale has an plastic cover that is on a hinge and cost about 40 dollars but I have had mine for about 3 years with no problems.
  12. Mcgee

    Maple FO

    Thanks Moonstar, Belinda, Trapper, sorry I have not replied back sooner but my mouse is having issues. (Computer mouse) I should have stated this is for my melts and not my candles at this time. Throw is usually not an issue, I use a blend of 4625 & 4627. I do need to reorder from Daystar, FB and Backwoods, so timing would be perfect. Moonstar I have a list somewhere to order from RE (still trying to get organized after Christmas). This mouse is driving me crazy over 10 minutes to write this Has anyone of you ever did a blend of cinnamon and maple? This blend would not be something I would have thought of but, as of today I had 4 people ask for it. Thanks for all the help you all are awesome!
  13. I am looking for a good maple fragrance that I can mix with cinnamon, per request. I am personally not a big fan of maple because it makes me fell a little nauseous. So if any one has any suggestions , it would be as always appreciated.
  14. Both!!!! (I know smart donkey rear end answer) You did such a great job on both of them it is such a hard choice. Well I do agree with lovely with the elegance of #2, but I think I like #1 , with the happy valentines day font of #2 . Whatever you choose you can not go wrong. Great Job!
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