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  1. Sugar Milk is back in stock just incase anyone needs to pick some up
  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I haven't tried Bread Pudding there yet. So this is exciting! I'm waiting for her Sugar Milk to go back in stock too @chevcher It has been MIA for almost a week I think?! This is torture! Lol
  3. I've always read that "Solvent resistant glitter" was the best because it can withstand up to 350 degrees or more, So it won't melt/bleed! However I have used fine Dollar Store glitter as well as other glitters & hex glitters with no issues. & To my knowledge, Mica has to be added into the wax just like when you add color in! Hope that helps!
  4. The White Cake is perfect, I’ve only used it once but if I remember correctly it did have a good cake balance. I love it! Perfect for a fun Valentine’s Day blend Count Chocula is really good, I only use it around Halloween in a blend. But if you want a pure chocolate without that cereal note, I’d go for Fudge Cake or Chocolate Layer Cake. & Frute Brute is something you can use year round.. it’s such a good cherry scent! I love that she offers all of the cereal oils.. My favorite! Especially Fruity Pebbles. & I never thought I'd love the scent of Sugar Milk so much. Also side note if you want a Captain Crunch Berry scent, Indigo Fragrance has it! The only one I haven't found yet that I'd love is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You will love them all, Can’t go wrong with tons of bakery! & Any time!! Oils are always a lot of fun to sample & sniff away! Nothing but love for the ICS oils I have tried!
  5. Thank you very much! & I don’t mind at all, ask away! So many oils.. I can’t stop testing them all.. Always more to try Lol! Blueberry Cheesecake - I haven’t tried the one from Candle Science, sorry! But I can say everyone loves it and picks up both the blueberry & cheesecake notes! One of my favorite blueberry oils!! Cherry Cookies - I’d say it’s a strong cherry almost amaretto (her White Cake oil is super amaretto scented) but yeah the Cherry note in Cherry Cookies is toned down a bit because of the cookies note..makes it creamier I’d say! You can always add Frosted Sugar Cookie and tone it down. It’s so good! Count Chocula - Is very unique because it does have that cereal note to it so it’s a subtle chocolate. I’d say it’s one of my favorite chocolate scents for sure. But I use chocolate layer cake mainly, or fudge cake, just depends on the blend I’m going for! They really do have different notes like you really can smell the rich chocolate cake vs the fudge! Frankenberry - A nice cereal note to it with strawberry. I love it! Fruity Brute is more of a Cherry note!! With that classic cereal note. You could pull this one off in a fruity spring/summer blend because it can pass for non-bakery as well. Almost reminds me of those Luden’s cough drops.. I don’t mind that at all Lol! Lemon Ice Box Cookies - Yep! It smells like a sweet lemon cookie! My go-to lemon oil for bakery blends. Praline Pound Cake - It’s different from Caramelized Pralines from CS! I just smelled the two..and that’s exactly it, the ICS one has more of a pound cake note with a nutty smell. Any other scent questions feel free to ask! Happy oil shopping! Lol
  6. That's awesome, the new site looks great! I use them for lots of my go to's! Amazing oils! Throws are always great & the scents are authentic..I've never had any weird artificial scents. Also I love that the pricing is still nice if you just want to grab 4oz or 8oz of something. Here's some I love! - Bear Claws Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies Blueberry Cheesecake Boo Berry Cactus & Sea Salt Cherry Cookies Chocolate Fudge Cake Chocolate Layer Cake Cinnamon Buns Count Chocula Cranberry Orange Spice Cream Cheese Frosting Flapjacks Frankenberry Fresh Squeezed Pineapples Frosted Sugar Cookies Fruity Pebbles Frute Brute Glazed Cinnamon Donuts Lemon Ice Box Cookies Perfect Peach Praline Pound Cake Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Spiced Cranberry Strawberry White Cake Strawberry, Raspberry & Guava Sugar Cookie Dough Sugar Milk Sweet Bakery Dough Wildberry Mousse Zucchini Bread Zucchini Pumpkin Bread
  7. That sounds amazing.. I'm going to need to try this now! And I have an order coming from them on Friday.. uh oh Lol!
  8. I'll have to sample that! I've never smelled it before but I've been deciding on some new Christmas oils this weekend.
  9. Yep!! Whenever I order from Indigo I get the same email from AromaStorm as well They have awesome oils! The owner, Dawn, is so nice & helpful as well!
  10. Triple YES to Gummy Bear Slushy from JS! That's one of my top favorites!! I also heard that Cherry Slushie from JS is great, but I haven't used it yet.. I used Cherry Slush from RE. It definitely throws and scents the whole neighborhood when I pour it Lol! Also, check out Sweet Tooth from RE for a good cherry scent, it's soo good! It's not a slush type, but still worth a shot!
  11. Sorry I haven't tried either of those! I have been eyeing those though.. So many apple scents I can't get enough Lol! But I can say that if you want a good apple strudel scent, check out Apple & Pumpkin Strudel from RE
  12. Lemon Curd RE Sea Island Grapefruit RE Lime In Da Coconut RE Fresh Squeezed Oranges RE Also check out Satsuma RE for a nice citrusy orange! & Check out Volcano RE because it's kind of a combo of orange, lemon & lime!
  13. I used Spiced Cranberry from ICS for a fun cranberry orange blend! Soo good & it was a huge hit! http://candlesupplys.us/spiced-cranberry-16oz.aspx
  14. So sorry I didn't see this sooner. I use paraffin! Here's some fun oils to test-- Man Cave/Masculine vibes-- Tobacco Caramel (One of my top favorites!!) Suede & Tabac Charcoal Tonka Mahogany Coconut (masculine & amazing!) Cuban Cigar Roasted Pine Cone Smoked Vanilla Bourbon Butterscotch Pink Lemonade Apple Cider Donut Raw Sugar Mandarin Salted Caramel Summer Scoop Irish Cream Coffee Mulled Cider Orange Sherbet Fresh Cut Grass Pineapple Cilantro Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Coconut Creme
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