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  1. I know that FlamingCandle makes a dupe of Yankee's Salted Caramel & it's SOO good! I'm not sure if it smells close to BBWs though sorry! & For a plain caramel I highly recommend Rustic's Kickin' Caramel. It's amazing!!
  2. That's so awesome, Sorry I missed your reply. I'm going to have to do a JustScent order this week! Thank you!!
  3. Omg! That's the cutest pretzel melt ever.. I love that! Thank you so much for letting me know! I will have to order a sample this week.. I can't resist fun new oils Lol!
  4. So exciting!!😍 New oils are always so fun! I can't wait to hear what you think of pretzel. The cannoli scent smells so good, & I haven't tried Becky's Ultimate Vanilla yet.
  5. Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla from Rustic is really good! Maybe try Amish Quilt as well? It's a spicy cinnamon. Coconut Creme from Flaming Candle! It's a creamy coconut but very spot on! Also check out Cabana Coconut from Rustic Hope these help! Sampling oils is always lots of fun at least
  6. Thank you! I haven't tried that yet but I've had nothing but great throws on her stuff so fingers crossed for you! I'll have to give that scent a test sometime! I used the peanut butter from Indigo Fragrance and I love it!
  7. Any time!😄 Oh no, it's awful how that happens.. I love using PayPal just for that extra peace of mind. People are somethin' else these days, Ugh. I'm glad you got your order in! Please let us know how Pretzel is. I can't wait to test it from there but I'm trying to behave since I just ordered from her a week or so ago, I just missed it Lol! But I'll be back for more very soon and give that one a test too. Can't resist Lol! & I'm sorry I meant check Facebook for Indigo Fragrance if you decide to order there. I haven't seen any Indiana Candle codes yet.
  8. You're so welcome!! You're going to love everything!! Her Zucchini Bread is so strong & authentic! Also- Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, Fruity Pebbles, Lemon Ice Box Cookies, Strawberry Raspberry Guava, Fresh Squeezed Pineapples, Bear Claws, Flap Jacks, Cinnamon Strudel, Strawberry White Cake! I have nothing but good things to say about her oils, Everything is great! I was in the same boat looking everywhere for Pretzel so I'm happy I could help you out! I was super happy when I came across that oil! & If you decide to order, Check out Indigo Fragrance on Facebook.. She has special coupon codes a lot. Sometimes it's a certain percentage off your order, & Sometimes it's free shipping at certain amounts like $100. I hope you get ahold of JustScent, She has tons and tons of awesome oils too! Cornbread Muffins is so spot on.. Also I love her Lavender! May I ask why you're doing a phone order vs. ordering online?
  9. Fresh Baked Bread from Indigo Fragrance smells just like a soft pretzel from Auntie Anne's.. I absolutely LOVE it & get lots of compliments on how accurate it is!😍& They also have a Peanut Butter oil! & For Cinnamon Buns, I agree- Indiana Candle! She has lots of awesome oils.. Sugar Milk, Zucchini Bread, Frosted Sugar Cookie, and more! I could go on and on she has lots of my go-to's! And also.. Look what I just spotted on JustScent- https://www.justscent.com/pretzel-fragrance-oil.html Super excited to test that! It just went up within the past week!😍
  10. Maple Street has the round clamshell coming soon.. I saw some pictures on Facebook of it! I think that might be the round one you're thinking of. Also if you search "round pie melt clamshell" on Google another supplier comes up as well..I've never heard of them though. But yes those are super cute! I got a box that of Maple Street clams that says PVC on them, however I did see on Facebook before in the Maple Street group that they are PET. So I'm confused on that. However I did melt a scent that kind of picked of the plastic skunk smell and it did not hurt the throw, or throw off the scent, so that's promising
  11. Wow thank you! That gives me hope, I will have to give those a try!
  12. May I ask if you guys use paraffin or soy? Or a mix? That seems to be a factor so I'm just curious. I never thought to air them out.. And I should give Indiana Candle a shot, I love their oils. Thank you all!
  13. Oh wow..I wonder what it is about soy that helps with that. I really hope it's something as simple as use PET and not PVC.. what a relief that would be Lol! I really need to test more too..I don't want to give up just yet.
  14. Do you know if they’re PVC or PET? I saw a PVC label on my box when they arrived but I could of swore I read PET somewhere before. Also that some soy blends don’t have that problem whereas paraffin will.. it’s tricky. I really like them too so I’m hoping to figure out what’s off for me.
  15. Thanks Laura! Thank you for your feedback! Maple's say PVC on the box I received them in.. So that is a good point because I did hear that PET are better for clamshells supposedly. Something about PVC breaks down faster/is a thinner plastic? But I'm not 100% sure, I'm still new to clamshells..I thought everything was fine and dandy til I smelled that skunk smell and I tried to investigate to see what's going on.😂 I may just have to try a new supplier to see & some PET clamshells. I don't want to give up just yet. Appreciate your help! Thank you!
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