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  1. Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. My 464 arrived today so I’m going to start playing with it tomorrow....and I’ll probably try adding some coconut just for the sake of science. And to satisfy my curiosity.
  2. Thanks for your reply TallTayl. I think my best bet is to not try to reinvent the wheel. I called CS yesterday and asked about the recent batches of 464 and they said they were better. I realize “better” is subjective. I’ll order one case and run a bunch of tests. If it doesn’t perform I’ll take a look at C1 or C3.
  3. It’s been ages since I’ve been on here and it’s time to order more wax. I’m just heartbroken for all the folks that have had to completely change the way they make candles. It sure is a confidence killer. I have always used 464 in the Libby 13.25oz tumbler. Had everything figured out and was happy with the scent throw. I’ve gone back and read posts back to 2017/2018 and have taken notes. I’m not sure if I want to continue with 464 or try to make the switch to C3 or try adding a smidge of coconut wax. Has anyone ordered boxes of 464 with 2019 production dates and had better results? Based on past threads it seems most people add coconut to C3. I live in TN and I think all coconut would be too soft in the summer. Does anyone add coconut to 464? Love it hate it? Does adding 5 to 10% of coconut change your hot throw that much? I have ordered wax from FC and Candle Science in the past. Most of my oils are CS. The rest are FC. I realize my mileage may very and I will need to retest whichever route I go. Just trying to get some advice for my “thinking out loud” post. Thanks so much in advance Jody
  4. Such a wonderful setup TT. I have such a soft spot for Renn Faires. I met my husband when he was a guild member and I was a patron at the Virginia Renn Faire. Funny what a chance meeting on the weekend turns into....a fairytale! Maryland has a great Faire near Annapolis for anyone in the Mid Atlantic area. Jody
  5. I'm hoping you amazing veterans can help me out. I have read through the 464 FO recommendations. I am looking for three scents and I'm stumped. 1. A fire, bonfire, fireplace scent. 2. An sea salt, ocean scent. 3. Whiskey....whiskey and I got in a really bad fight back in college. It won. I may not be able to pour this, but would love your suggestions. Thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate it. Jody
  6. Those are lovely. I think number 1 is the way to go. The way number 2 is stacked looks too much like a business card. Would you consider removing the quotation marks from Holiday Collection and moving it to the same line as Natural Soy...Natural Soy Holiday Collection. That way your fonts would alternate between Bold and Regular. On the original label you have her store as New Blue Home and Gift. On the new labels it's New Blue Gift and Home. Since she is doing a custom candle it should probably match the exact branding of her store. I'm not trying to nitpick. I have just done this for so many brands over the years. Congrats on landing a great placement.
  7. Trappeur, I used to be a sales rep for the gift and stationery industry and we repped Skeem candles (that is the first photo). I talked to the owner and those were custom made just for the Terrain placement. They are part of the Anthropologie brand. The gold foil "label" is actually printed directly onto the glass. She does amazing work and her vessels are beautiful. Jody
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