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  1. Laura C

    This is nuts!

    Oh, geez, that doesn't sound right. I've never had my eyes burn. Maybe you're having allergic reactions to something or there's also some other fumes in your house. I'd look into that in a hurry if I was you and stop burning candles until you figure it out.
  2. Laura C

    CD's and CDN's

    Here's some more information Heinz Jansen Technical Braidings Candle Wicks Formerly known as CD and CDN wicks respectively, the Stabilo and Stabilo KST wicks are coreless, non-directional, flat braided wicks with a special paper filament woven around them. http://wicksunlimited.com/wicks/heinz-candle-wicks/
  3. Laura C

    CD's and CDN's

    FYI Here's the other post regarding these wicks.
  4. Yes, LOL, at first glance I see what you mean. @TallTayl is right. They should have worded it something like Minimum order amount is $19.04 or > in order to qualify for free local pick up. Wonder why the .04 cents???
  5. Laura C

    When did you start?

    I think it was late 2015 when I started playing around with candle waxes and container candles, particularly soy. It was actually my husband that got me going with the hobby. He said since I love candles so much, and buy them all the time, I should make my own. He started buying supplies for me and I was hooked. 🎣
  6. Laura C

    Same same blends

    Stuff, stuff and more stuff. Don't cha just love Stuff! LOL. I couldn't resist this @Scented.
  7. Laura C

    Vinyl Banners - Where I get them

    Great, thanks so much for the info. Those banners look very nice.
  8. Laura C

    Well this is just great

    That sounds like a good scent mix.
  9. LOL, yes, I know what a phone book is. And yes, I have a ton of bookmarks. Those wicks are flat and wide by the way.
  10. For the first time, I'm currently testing IGI 6570 paracoco and several of the candles I made with it have a fuel smell too, real bad. I was shocked, I don't know what is going on. I've seen a lot of praises for this wax but I'm not really impressed right now. I need to review everything real good and see if it's related to a particular thing (scent, additive, wick). Right now it seems really hit or miss.
  11. Laura C

    This is nuts!

    My husband is doing the KETO diet.
  12. Laura C

    This is nuts!

    I do like nuts with whipped cream. LOL