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  1. Sponiebr

    Master batching for the win today.

    Y'know... I've been just kinda wondering... The settling out of the stearics is generally a pretty small percentage of the total mass of the blend, what would happen if we just left the crap lay in the bucket and didn't bother with reincorporating it into the batch... I usually have a 3.5# individual batch and if the stearics separate out it usually only a thin layer on the bottom, maybe 10-20g or so. What if it was just replaced with some of the same blend? Generally speaking stearic acid in your soap is a problematic behaving element in your soap making... So why are we bothering with it? No crud left behind philosophy? It shouldn't change the end result of your soap that significantly (if it changes anything at all...) Jist wondering... Sponiebr
  2. Sponiebr

    FO Companies

    I only have 7 (including TT) that I get FO from (well, 8 if I count Jackbnimble's destash sales into the mix.) They are in ORDER: (drumroll.... PULEEEZE!!!) Mica's and More CS BB Jackbnimble's Destash sales TT's dupe co-ops JustScents BCN Save on Scents That's IT... Okay so this one time at band camp I DID order a pound of peppermint EO from Bulk Apothecary BUT ONLY BECAUSE it was on sale... and ONLY that one time... so that doesn't count. Don't you judge me! (sheesh) Sponiebr Hi my name's sponie and I'm a FO-HO...
  3. Sponiebr

    Posting pictures...

    Still, the forum takes up to 511MB files, (that's HALF a GB which is HUGE...) To the GIMP!!! Speaking of GIMP, it is a WONDERFULLY POWERFUL FREE open source program that is an INCREDIBLE PITA to use! Unless you apply the free Photoshop skin to it and then it's slightly less of a PITA... Love my GIMP though! Here's the download: https://www.gimp.org/downloads/ Here's a good tutorial on how to make GIMP more user friendly: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-make-the-gimp-work-more-like-photoshop-1551318983 Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  4. Sponiebr

    Hey hey....looking for Hay

    I seriously have chewed hay before, as well as sweet feed, and just about anything else you'd dare put in a horse's mouth. When you're taking care of multi-million dollar horses, you better BELIEVE that you're gonna test the hay with your OWN mouth to make sure it's not moldy BEFORE you give it to the horse. Those owners won't hesitate to shoot you dead for messing with their horse. "Forget the dog, Beware of Horse Owner" Sponiebr The Executor of (better not to ask) and Sundry Services...
  5. Sponiebr

    Selling beer can candles

    Okay... I'll bite. I dunno Trapp, in what kind of store WOULD YOU go to try and sell candles made in beer cans? A CANadian store perhaps?
  6. Sponiebr

    Bottlenose Bottleneck.

    Yeah it's for soap, but I do hot process so the scents tend to remain exactly as they go into the pot. They do suffer a little fade from the heat but generally they stay pretty close to the original. SPEAKING of this... I need to get something wicked high in vanillin to try an experiment out, I think I've got some of Peak's Pink Sugar... That's got gobs of vanillin in it, right? I'm looking for a guaranteed brownie...
  7. This just makes me feel SO much better about myself... I've actually asked 2 stupid questions in my life... "Will you marry me?" I'mma go for a 3rd one here: HEY MAYA! Tinctures made from IPA would be okay if they were topical only, right? e.g. arnica tinctured with IPA (NOT that I would DARE do that to arnica flowers, I'm just say'n...) Fire away Scrubzz! Yer good to go man.
  8. Sponiebr

    Bottlenose Bottleneck.

    Ok, I'll admit it. I'm being "slightly" lazy here. So after my single failed attempt at finding an answer on THIS forum I shall ask the community. So, how do you blend FO's so that you can get a sense of what they will smell like in a product WHILE you are blending them? In other words, you're trying for a target scent and you don't want to actually make a test batch of something until you really get "close" to the actual scent you are after, HOW or WHAT do you use to try the scent out? Paper strips ain't doing jack piddle for me. Do you have like a huge tub of crisco sitting around that you grab X oz and mix to sniff? DO you use one of them little boiler thang-a-ma-widgets what you boil up potpourri in with them redunkulous little candles? I've got BAD CASE OF OOB-nose... I'm actually a tad confused here... (not that it's a terribly hard thing to do to me lately...) HAY-EL-P? Sponiebr The executor of "I dunno, I'm sure it's useful... maybe..."
  9. Sponiebr

    No FREAK'n WAY...

    OMG... No! Really? (Ok, I'm horrified...)
  10. No, no... TRUST ME that's NOT TRUE.... LOL!!!! Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and stupid other junk...
  11. Sponiebr

    No FREAK'n WAY...

    I'm curious, how or why would this be an issue? I mean it's not like I'd be opening them straight off the mail horse's back, I'd take it inside first... It's got a little spout thingy right? I'm in Florida, so if I have to rely on it being cold to order something I'm screwed. I would most likely end up transferring the CO to a 5 gallon bucket anyway. Awesome! I'm 'fraid I haven't been over at the Dish much these days, but I'm glad to hear that all the oils I was looking at have a positive review.
  12. Sponiebr

    What do you master batch your lye in?

    SOOOOO... Along these lines, would anyone here object to the using of say empty janitorial containers for storing master batched fats or lye, like floor cleaning solution empties, or toilet bowl cleaner empties? (I'm just ask'n...)
  13. Sponiebr

    No FREAK'n WAY...

    I just went over and rechecked base prices with no shipping so for 50 lbs of CO at Soaper's Choice it's $1.45/lb. with Webstaurant just going with the LuAnna I linked up there, at 35 lbs. each (get 2 of them) works out to 70 lbs. and base price without shipping is $1.14/lb. and with shipping it's still looking like it's at minimum competitive if not flat out cheaper. You know me though... "Cheap bass turd extraordinaire" Speaking along these lines... Anyone ever use Lira OO Pomace before? -Sponie
  14. Sponiebr

    Hey hey....looking for Hay

    Don't know about hay scents but as far as a hay flavor get a cup of Chinese Pu-Erh tea. Make sure it's the black kind in the little turd shaped knots. It tastes as much like a stable floor as you dare to get... No need to thank me, it's nothing really. I'm just mister helpful here. It's what I do... Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  15. Sponiebr

    No FREAK'n WAY...

    Ok, a positive example of customer service support. Was the product that you've ordered from them good? Did they ship quickly?