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  1. Grainy Body Butter

    Ok, zo... I has a question: Would adding a small amount of e-wax sort this issue out? What's in the green tea extract? Is it ETOH based? Beeswax is a naturally occurring e-wax so it would seem like NF e-wax would do the trick especially if there was any sort of water in the mix. Thorts? Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services. EDITED: I noticed a comment about giving the tapioca powder a pass and I concur... I mean, y'know unless you want a scrub... Also, where's the water content in this? It looks like just about all fat and no way to get it off... (cringe)
  2. Still creating for the season?

    (whimpers) I wish I was making soap... I DID get fed up with the whole "prison" sentence and I made some beard lotion last night for myself scented with CS' Christmas Hearth. It was small, but it meant a lot to me... Sponiebr
  3. I don't know about wax per se, but the emergency fire starters I've made were just a cotton ball dipped in some hot petroleum jelly. I know to prime some of the wood wicks I made I literally boiled them in wax until I lost the water content from the wood (e.g.: they stopped or nearly stopped bubbling). HTH, Sponiebr
  4. Reusing plastic Clamshell molds/removing labels?

    Good GOLLY... (goo gone... blech) Wipe them out with some naphtha (aka: Zippo Lighter fluid). It dries quickly and won't leave any residue behind. TT's right, heat and that stuff won't get along at all... IF it's PVC naphtha might cloud it up, but it's probably not of the rare ilk of PVC that will cloud up. (If you'd otherwise pitch it anyway no harm in trying the naphtha). I personally can't stand goo gone, truly nasty stuff to me with all that d-limonene and mineral spirits... (gag) That's just me... -Sponiebr (see sig line for further info)
  5. Wooden wick flame huge?

    I wood ant (see what I did there?) give up on them just yet... You might split a strip off either side of the wick to make them less wide. Also try trimming the wick closer to the wax. I seriously only had about 3/32 ( as in 1.5 (16ths) of an inch above my wax and they burned beautifully. I "soaked" my wicks in hot wax, (not oil mind you) before I set them into the jars. But I made my own wooden wicks too... So working 12 hr shifts on midnights huh? I too am one who dwells in the darkness... Tell ya what, I'll bring the soap, YOU bring the light. Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and NOT A CHANDLER...
  6. Need ideas for renaming a Christmas scent

    Hmmm... "Christmas Past" How about THIS for a name: "Used Syndicate" (Knocked it straight outta Lynwood!) Sponiebr
  7. Wooden wick flame huge?

    We NEED a LOVE <3 <3 <3 button for our reaction button Keeping with what TT mentioned (I'm NOT a chandler BTW) wood wicks IME have to be trimmed VERY short. WAY shorter than a fiber wick. Some of my home made wicks were only about 3/32" high for a nice "normal" flame.
  8. Christmas soap packaging

    Oh.... I'm SO sorry AJ! Ah, well... the precedent has been set... They DO look pretty though!
  9. And now the cut of the mermaid soaps.

  10. Logo Help

    Yes... It's a gift. To my CraftServer Peeps! Now you KNOW from WHENCE the WINCES come FROM! In all seriousness I RARELY ever actually show my face online, well truth be told, I'm rarely seen by anyone at all. But about once a year I show up and then I'll be back into abstract weird mode. But thank you Trapp -Sponiebr Read my Sig... READ IT!
  11. Men and Candles

    Oh... I SO NEED to go to sleep... But there is THIS THREAD! Not that I am any sort of measure by which male behavior COULD be judged... BUT, I am a guy and I'll share a couple of thoughts I have. Yes. I DO like a "feminine scent" over a "masculine scent" BUT I would prefer something citrusy over just about any masculine scent. I actually prefer unisex scents like Florida Water or bay rum. Not really the point though... Tastes in odor or pallet are very subjective choices. The truth of the matter is that men, generally speaking, are romantics. I know I am, and I highly suspect MOST other guys, (if they were being completely truthful about the matter), would agree with my generalization. Having said that, things that would appear as "romantic" tend to attract our attention... because (drum roll please!) (oh you are going to be SO SHOCKED by this) WAIT FOR IT... It attracts YOUR attention. And by YOUR I mean who ever the guy is normally trying to attract. I don't know about all guys, but I DO tend to gush when a person shows me a random act of kindness, mostly because a swift kick in the A$$ is about as kind as I normally get. I would have gushed too if someone had left a chick magnet on my desk with a kind wish for the Holidays... But I also would have been EXTREMELY grateful for a light source... (It's SOOOO DAMN DARK down here amongst the troglodytes.) Also... Not for nothing but the SOURCE of the gift plays a HUGE role in the quality of the return complements. E.g.: If a guy and given out those candles, the male portion of the group would have been less complementary to the source... (Now HERE'S an interesting twist) BUT if the guy had given out the candles mentioned his wife or GF or THEN you'd see the uptick from the male portion in complements. And ONE more twist to REALLY mess with your brain, ALL of the above is predicated on WESTERN CULTURAL VALUES... Yeah, yeah... I'm just the messenger but I am the messenger that EXPECTS to be shot... And with what TT mentioned, YES! (no that's not emphatic enough) We know what we like, and if we show up, we want to buy it and get out of wherever it was that we were there to get so we can get on with whatever it was we needed to get the whatever for... (Am I right guys?) HELL YEAH! But, I'm not exactly what humans would call either normal or sane... So I suspect I'm likely full of fresh organic-compost-starter-culture... Or maybe not... Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services.
  12. Logo Help

    I designed my own logo! I also make SOAP... (chortles wildly...) I might could help, PM me if you'd like some bad ideas. Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services. CHORTLES *WILDLY* (yes: it's a thing and I do that "yes")
  13. No... It ain't just you... I frequently look at my "Trove" and think: 'Look at this stuff Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete Wouldn't think I'm the guy... The guy who has smelly things?' Sorry 'bout that... I frequently think of bikini clad red headed cartoon characters... Wait, what are we talking about again? OH! FO'S! Yeah I got'm! You need some? Sponiebr The Executor of.... Uh... I dunno somthing or 'nuther...
  14. I have no business here in Chandler's land, I'm just running amok, ignore me...
  15. @Trappeur you doing/did the dye free thang?