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  1. hello! 😊

    Naw dude, I WISH... that brick IS cool though. (It'd be a PITA to keep dusted and cleaned) This is my world:
  2. hello! 😊

    NOOOOooooooooo!!! (hides under rock) We's likeses the darknesses doesn't we precious? Soot. on. their. walls? From candles? I mean I'm the guy that's got rather strange interior decor tastes, but notice: no soot on the walls... So, I'm speechless. I got nuth'n... (This is VERY rare) Sponiebr Executor of Bad Ideas, and yanno what, I gotta see how many candles it takes to soot up a room... Mr. Owl? How many candles does it take... o.O
  3. Just Scent

  4. hello! 😊

    You poor people... I'm just curious, because the insanity of these "alternative waxes" seems rather insurmountable given the manufactures' refusal/inability/give-a-damn to produce consistent product, what was the specific reason to dump paraffin? I mean if this is just a consumer fad wouldn't a simple explanation like "I dropped the soy because my test candles consistently turned into firebombs and I didn't think my customers would care for that..." I mean LORD KNOWS I like to push the envelope of reality but when even I'm going "Damn... that's just crazy! Nuh-uh... NOOOOO Thank YOU." and I run away screaming in terror... I's just wondering... Anywho... I'll be watching from WAY OVER THERE and standing by at the ready for y'all with the fire extinguisher and Valium. Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas, actually, they seem like pretty sane Ideas at the moment.
  5. Who is up for a board challenge?

    Oh PLEASE don't be sorry... Compared to what I normally get called, getting called a girl is the highest complement. Girl is at least HUMAN. Speaking of which, I'm getting a little nervous here, where IS she? I feel... like, she's WATCHING... silently... Sponiebr That guy/girl/IT(meh... get creative with this) wid da BAD ideas'n junk...
  6. Who is up for a board challenge?

    What if... <GASP> What if it's THE SAME ONE in TWO PLACES at the SAME TIME!? TT!!!! What have you done!!!? The creation of clubs has created TWO Candy BEES!!! Think about this for a second... What are you gonna do if I spontaneously replicate? I mean *I'll* be having a blast... but, yanno.... OTHERS might not. (I'm just say'n) Sponiebr Guru at Good Thoughts and Creative Positive Self Awareness (LOL... Just mess'n with ya... I'm still THE ONE and ONLY Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services)
  7. Must have fall/christmas from CS?

    I fixed that for you Trapp... LOL. so @jbradshaw... What Trapp said. OMG Christmas Hearth is ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR!!!! So some more are 6. Snickerdoodle 7. Hollyberry 8 Pomegranate cider 9. Pumpkin Pie G'luck:) Sponiebr
  8. Black Raspberry Vanilla

    Just WOW! I can't wait to get my suds back on.
  9. Hi, Everyone!

    Wax. There's not much here. Look, it's a poem dammit... It's a wax haiku. (I'll just go crawl back under my rock... No need to throw anything at me...) Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Haiku and Sundry Services Galore.
  10. Hi, Everyone!

    YAY! A 'nuther'n!!! erm... I mean Hi! Welcome to the server of craft! This place is GREAT! I've fought the candle addiction and so far... (knock on wood) I've been able to stick to soaps... well, kinda mostly sorta, there was that ONE time I did the smashed-popsicle-stick-wood-wicks-thing-a-mah-hick-doey... But yeah, SOAP! I'm a bubble head. What is this coconut wax? (I probably SHOULDN'T have asked that... Fire+me= it could get "interesting") Slainte! Sponiebr Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  11. Re: Best/Strongest Birrhday Cake FO

    All this snif snif sniff'n! And no Taste Taste Taste'n! Birthday Cake by Three Olives. (Chill it first) It's PURE Yellow birthday cake with vanilla frosting AND sprinkles in a rocks glass... (Absolutely TO DIE FOR)
  12. hello! 😊

    Velcome! Velcome... Zo glad you could jion uz here... Lotz ov great candlez makingz here... I'm no chandler but I DO make soap and I LOVE Candle Science's FO's. They usually have a 1oz sample sale a couple of times a year and that's when I try out new stuff from them, I'd say 99% I've had great luck with (I read the descriptions carefully). Anyway, welcome! Slainte, Sponiebr Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services.
  13. Essential Depot 50% off Hurricane sale

    @Moonstar I've used ED's lye before and never had a problem with it other than the opening of the bottle being too small to fit a proper tablespoon. I AM, however, leery of them not only because of the lye debacle but also because they have SO MANY products that while the initial sticker price is great the shipping is DEATH incarnate. They are in Florida so I "could" make the 2+ hour drive down there and pick up the stuff if I was so inclined to order a very large order, and I might do that in the future. I am also leery of them because of the "join our club" horseshit is ALWAYS a red flag to me, yes even with Amazon. Whenever I see that sort of "deal" It bugs me in much the same way credit card companies offer their customers "cash back" bugs me because there is almost never any ROI on any membership subscription. I mean think about it... Most soapmakers and chandlers are ordering their supplies from multiple sources, there's no one-stop-shopping for us. Personally, I chase the sales, and that means I may have a glut of any particular material at any particular time, e.g. Bulk's had a lye sale twice this year (and BOTH sales inside of 6 months of each other) and I am the proud owner of 95 lbs. of lye. One of my suppliers stopped carrying several of my best selling soap FO's and I had to get in on that fire sale too so I have a BUTT LOAD of FO's heading my way (OMG...I STILL can't believe how much FO I ordered)... Amazon Prime? No. Just NO... I have a Prime membership but it in NO WAY pays for itself. Amazon STILL offers non Prime customers free shipping but it's a slower free shipping. I only have a prime membership to get at certain merchandise that is otherwise not available to non Prime members. So, yeah subscription memberships, unless you are getting an actual service, or product, (magazine's, food stuff, cleaning) almost never pay for themselves, not in my experience anyway. BUT BACK to ED. Cialis! That's the ans...(Oh *blushes* uh...) Basically I'm leery of ED because they're inconsistent. ANY inconsistency ANYWHERE in a company is a "red flag parade" to me. That doesn't mean I won't buy from an inconsistent company, but I'm going to be hyper vigilant when doing so. Slainte, Sponiebr Executor of Bad Ideas, Sundry Services, and the "OH YEAH? I CAN'T BUY UNLESS I PAY FOR A MEMBERSHIP? YEAH, I GOT YER MEMBERSHIP RIGHT HERE BUB!" guy.
  14. PVC pipe molds

    The liner is a big deal. Dollar tree sells those super thin super slick on one side plastic cutting boards which is one of the liners I use in both my variable loaf and column molds. The tricks for the column mold liner is cutting it exactly to the inside diameter of the mold so that there are no gaps and no buckling, cutting it square in both aspects along the width and the thickness, and then (this is me) I use masking tape along the outside to seal it up just as a precaution. The end caps I line with craft foam sheets which helps seal the ends up nicely as long as your mold is cut square and sanded smooth. I also run masking tape down the longitudinal split I have down the one side of my mold and use either poster putty or tape to seal the top edge of the bottom cap because if the air can't get out, it can't leak. I might note, that because my mold has that split down the one side to help unmolding I orient the taped side of my liner so that it is opposite to the split. That also helps minimize leaks because the soap being viscous can't travel around the back side of the plastic which is wedged in there nice and exactly to the inside diameter, and thus it can't stick to the inside of the mold if there isn't any room for the soap to get into. Of course ALL of the above is moot if you overfill your mold and/or the liner is shorter than the top (or bottom) of the mold. I will sincerely endeavor to get my comments added to my pictures so I can show how I made my pvc column mold. HTH, Sponiebr Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services