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  1. Sponiebr

    What do you think of this meeting?

    YEAH! I like BF's idea! Go get lit in a tunnel! <<<<<<-------------------Now THAT's a PLAN!
  2. Sponiebr

    What do you think of this meeting?

    It might interest you to know that I am the sound of rain upon the.... No, that's not it... Oh! I know... I haven't been under a car... (much) Nope! I've been make'n soap. (and some side lined abominations... ) I'm tryna check in on CS at least a few times a day. Next we work me back up to actually writing on the boards everyday...
  3. Sponiebr

    What do you think of this meeting?

    AMEN! @Trappeur To hell with them! I wouldn't dump out a whorehouse chamber pot on them if they were on fire. They should be STRONGLY encouraged to go BACK from whatever rock they crawled out from. (I AM being nice, but this PISSES me off to NO end!)
  4. Sponiebr

    What do you think of this meeting?

    Speaking of Goldie's idea there Trapp... Get that bag of cat food and run a trail of kibble down to their cabin. Lead that skunk right up under their house.
  5. Sooooo, my MOTHER shoves a used bar of soap (not a soap I made by the by...) up in my face yesterday as I was getting ready for Church. She want's to know what was in it... I smelled her coming into the room reeking of Patchouli. ME:"That's patchouli mom." MOM: "Oh, well I really like the smell, can you make it?" Me: "Yeah I can as soon as I get the Indonesian EO. BUT If I MAKE THIS FOR YOU... I'm MAKING it in YOUR KITCHEN!" So the upshot is where are all'y'all Getting your Dark Indonesian Patch from? (would anyone have about 4 ounces to spare?) TFTH! Cheers, Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services.
  6. Sponiebr

    Wick Migration when wax is low

    @scrubzz@Kerven@LightMyCandleCo@moonshine For anyone using silicone: The silicone can be softened up by soaking in a little Naphtha (Ronsonol/Zippo Lighter fluid, Coleman Liquid camp stove fuel). Brake cleaner or even nail polish remover will work in a pinch. The naphtha will soften ALL types of silicone rubbers.
  7. Sponiebr

    Formula for making soap recipe fit mold

    You're missing your dessert... Here's a serving with some ice cream on top. Yes. It's PI a la mode...
  8. Sponiebr

    Formula for making soap recipe fit mold

    I use V*.43= Oils in oz. So 12x12X2 mold would be: 288*.43= 123.84 oz. (124 oz.) 3.5*2.75*12= 115.5*.43= 49.665. Volume for a tube: V = π*r2*h*.43 (radius is 1/2 diameter or D*.5) SO! 3" x12" column mold: 3*.5= 1.5 1.5*1.5=2.25 2.25*3.1416*12=84.8232 84.82.32*.43= 36.473976 HTH! Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  9. Sponiebr

    Experimenting with B.L.O.

    I'm not exactly a newbie, but OK, yeah, I am confused...
  10. Sponiebr

    Wick Migration when wax is low

    I went and pulled up the spec sheet for the GE 100% silicone II Window and Door Sealant (The link is below), and it's showing 400F as the maximum temperature for elasticity which is to say that's the maximum that they guarantee it maintaining structural integrity. So, yeah... If your roof gets up to 400F your skylight will stay sealed, the shingles and roof will have slid off, but that skylight will be water tight!----- Dammit! Red Permatex RTV's max is 600F continuous. Permatex's claim to fame is that it is supposed to stand up to hot fuel and oil as well as high temperatures. For engines it's required, for candles, meh... Kinda like bringing a Howitzer to a turkey shoot. So <$5 for 3 oz. or $4.47 for 10 oz... If it was me, I'd be willing to try it out to see if it was as good as the permatex at least... I'd be willing to bet the clear silicone could withstand the wick burning right down to the tab without any deterioration. The clear would look better at the bottom of a glass jar too, (Y'know if you took the sticker off and actually looked at the bottom of the jar) https://www.builditsolar.com/References/Caulks/Silicone II Window &amp; Door - TDS[1].pdf
  11. Sponiebr

    Wick Migration when wax is low

    Ok... (YIKES!) Wow! Yeah, um, High temp Permatex will work fine, but it's EXPENSIVE (at least compared to other alternatives). And now for the disclaimer: I DON'T MAKE CANDLES, so you are forewarned. I DO make a LOT of other things that have high temps and (ok, I'll just say it: I use non "standard" stuff in fixing cars all the time.) It's the knowing WHERE and WHEN you can use a non standard part or adhesive is really key but knowing WHAT the materials are made of... Oh; that is the real magic. I really like to approach things like this as though I were a monster sized factory making product "X". How would they go about sticking their tabs into the jars? Why are THEY able to do this and I'm NOT? Unless it's a synthesizing materials situation, I find that 99% of the time I can do it almost exactly the same way that the factory does it. I can just about guarantee that "BIG CANDLE INC" is using a solvent based adhesive to stick wick tabs down (if they stick them down at all). If you really want a Type 2 Silicone adhesive to stick your candle wicks down just get a squeeze tube (or get a caulking gun tube if you're in mass production) of clear Type II 100% silicone caulking. It'll work FINE, and a tube will last you probably 10 lifetimes. (You will have to keep it properly sealed and all.) Just out of curiosity, why aren't all y'all using a contact cement like "Weldwood"? Yeah, it's got all kinds of nasty solvents in it and junk, but we're talking about a dot in the bottom of the jar and a dot on the tab, not bathing in the stuff like me. I'd do all the jar bottoms in one shot and then do all of the tabs, by the time you are done with the last tab everything will be ready to stick together and BOOM! Yer done. You could leave them in the sun for a day to gas off if you are concerned about the smell. (Small disclaimer: rubber can deteriorate over time when used exclusively with petroleum based products *e.g.: paraffin.*) Anyway, just thought I'd offer those alternatives if it could help. Also, if you are going to stay with the Permatex, ( or any of the above suggestions) go with Walmart. I hate them as much as any human, but they DO have the best prices I've ever seen on adhesives. HTH! Cheers, Sponiebr The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services
  12. SOMEBODY'S got "rocks" that's for damn sure.
  13. Excerpt from the article: "When I read 'occult,' I think, OK, they don't want me to sell unbaptized baby blood or like, they don't want me to say, 'Buy this chicken and I'll sacrifice it for you,'" Katie said. "I get that and maybe you shouldn't sell that on the internet anyway." Yeah, MAYBE baby blood might not be the best thing to sell on the internet... I mean at LEAST not on the OPEN web. Darknet, sure. You can get anything on unlisted services. Still, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on banning any sort of craft items? Chargebacks? Really!? Uh, no... Makes no sense to me at all.
  14. Sponiebr

    Experimenting with B.L.O.

    In all seriousness I appreciate the input. It appears I have a "personal" problem... (If you can call OCD a personal problem) I will work on this! It's gonna be hard NOT to wash them...I'm flip'n out just thinking about not washing them. XANAX!!! STAT!!!!