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Looking for cello bags


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Nashville Wraps doesn't have the right size. I'll check out Rustic Escentials. That size will probably work. Thanks for the information.

I was doing a search, seems like I'm always doing searches,lol, and found a cello bag making company not too far from where I live. I'll make a trip next week and see what they have.

Thanks you all for your help.


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Originally Posted by Nanasnecessities

pay with your visa though, they are lazy about refunding your first payment!

What did you mean by that? Do they tend to overcharge or something?

When you use your debit card, they take out the money right away. Then after they "adjust" the shipping, they charge your card again. Most companies return the first money and then recharge, not papermart, they take the money out twice. The sale actually says "pending". If they do not claim it or whatever in 10 days you get the money back. So if you buy 100 from papermart, they will charge your account 100, them when they ship they will charge you 99 (or whatever) then in a few more days or a week, paypal will put the first payment back into your account.

Now if you use your visa, not a debit, you will never see this on your card. I guess a pending does not affect it the same way. All I know is they will not go in and take the first one off, so if you have to order from them and pay through paypal, keep in mind they will be taking double your money for at least a week!

Just yanks my chain, they are the only ones I have caught at this so far, but they do it everytime, they also do not bother to answer your complaints about it.

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