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Odor Eliminator


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I am sort of confused. Odor eliminators...in reality shouldn't they not smell?

Are they supposed to give a strong scent throw or just subtley mask the bad aroma. I am testing Filmore's 3 odor eliminator fragrance oils and they are very light. Kinda gives a back scent to the room (not sure how to describe it).

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Only ones I know of are scented. But they are supposed to take care of odors in the air while you burn them. Haven't tried FMC's odor eliminators so I am interested in what you think about them. Think of how aerosol sprays work. They clean the air but leave a fresh scent behind.

The one I have tried that really works is the one from CS. Not sure its back in stock yet but it really took out the odors in my house and left a nice sweet spicy scent behind. Hard to explain. It was very nice.

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Filmore Odor Eliminators:

All tested in 415 wax...votive. (note I also have a bit of a candle nose).

Rosemary/Thyme - CT good. HT - very light. Leaves a subtle hint behind. Not so you would notice right off...just there.

Mandarin - CT good, HT - very faint smokey smell.

Olive Tree - CT good. HT - light (more than RT above). Leaves a pleasant yet subtle hint behind.

You know when you go in someone's bathroom and it just smells clean; yet no cleaning smells apparent? Kinda like that in terms of scent throw.

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