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I don't want to start a stampede...

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I can't keep these to myself!!!


They also have the cutest plates for pillars that I use to make bathbomb towers & soap stacks:


Sorry the soap pic is so little LOL If you want to see the bigger pic, you can click on this link:


They are really nice plates and cheap too. Has anyone done any business with this company at all? I have only ordered once, but I can definitely say I was impressed with the quality!

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I checked it out and just added the burners to the cart to see how much shipping would be and this is what it said.

This store requires a minimum order of $224.00 excluding any tax or shipping charges.

What an odd amount to have as a minimum..LOL They do have some cute stuff though.

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The minimum is actually 250.00 for wholesale pricing.

I have bought from Joseph before. He does has some good pricing, but you really need to watch it on some items. Those reed diffusers he is selling for 9.50 each kit I was just selling in the classifieds for 5.00 and I am not a supplier. Also the soapstone tart burners are cheaper from Itocusa in CA.

Alot of those items you will see in Dollar stores.

I am all about price, so if you know what's out there in the marketplace I can surely tell you some of those items can be found alot cheaper.

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