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using other's pictures


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Some suppliers give permission. For example (not fragrance), Levine has a notice on their website that it's OK to use their pictures of their products.

I personally want to see a picture of the item I'm buying, so pictures of what a fragrance might look like wouldn't encourage me to buy a product. If you sell soap, show pictures of your soap. If it's candles, show the candles.

Just my opinion, of course.

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Candle Science will not allow you to use the pics they have on their website. But they really appreciated my asking!

Ask, the worst they can say is "No". Better still, try taking your own pictures (but if you're a "great" photographer like me :rolleyes2, you're probably better off paying for the pics - iStock, for example). Good luck!

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I was scrolling thru eBay looking for silicone molds and all of a sudden I saw a picture of one of my cupcake soaps...the seller was selling the mold to make the cupcake...I asked her to remove the photo, I contacted eBay...went thru the entire intellectual property...finally, I deleted the photo from photo bucket and she got po'ed at me...it's frustrating...I allow certain mold makers to use the photos of finished products I've made from their molds that's just common courtesy...one mold maker who've I've given Carte Blanche to use my photos, after I had pur based a mold from her and couldn't pour a decent soap from it I wanted to sell the mold but didn't have a decent photo of a finished piece so I asked if I could use her photo...she said no..I changed my username and password on photo bucket and told her to cease and desist using my photos...I still own that damn mold cuz I can't produce a nice enough finished product to post. No good deed goes unpunished

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Wow sorry to hear that.Speaking of photo stealing, I just bought new a watermarking software program last week and it's great.

Pretty simple and straightforward. I downloaded it from watermark-software.com and it was $24.90

You can watermark a bunch at the same time, crop, resize etc. and change formats.

You only get a license for one computer, but I just put the program on a pen drive and loaded it on all of them.

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