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flavoring oils for lip balm where to find


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Is there a good place to buy flavoring oils for lip balm online?

Yes. Lots.

I have looked at a few sites already, but they do not have a lot of flavoring oils.

Many sites focus on only a dozen or so flavors. Which flavors are you looking for? Have you checked with the Soap Scent Review Board yet? They have a lovely Flavor Oil section that I get lost in every now and again.

Also, is it possible to use flavoring oils that you would use to flavor food with?

Some, yes, but most, no. You need to make sure that the flavoring is oil and contains no water, alcohol, propylene glycol or any other ingredient that won't incorporate in an anhydrous balm. You also need to very careful with citrus oils (which end up being most of the oil-based food flavors) as they can cause lips to burn in the sun.

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Guest Expressive

I purchased some from NG and they were pretty good.

P.S. - I don't recommend their lip balm tubes. They are poor quality.

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Funny you should ask . .

In my quest to make good edible body paint I researched alot of flavor oils. I think OregonTrailSoap had one of the better selections of flavor oils but they are pretty spread out. There's also some etsy sellers with a good selection.

One of the things I heard while researching however is that edible flavor oils are more scent than taste . . .which is not really what I wanted. I mean the point of edible body paint is that someone wants to lick it more than a couple times right?

So more research and I stumbled upon this


They list several of thier flavorings as highly concentrated and oil based & have an awesome selection. I ordered a few and I can't wait to see how they turn out.

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