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Flavor Oils & Cure Time..Is There Any?


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Just starting to make lip balms. I only ordered two flavor oils from AH/RE to get started. I love my base but was wondering if flavor oils need a cure time like they do in soaps and candles/tarts to fully come to life. I made two batches today...one with Sugared Strawberries and one with Lemon Cheesecake. OOB they smell devine but now in the balms they are sort of bland. I did sweeten slightly..not after a highly sweet balm. I used at 3 - 3.5% and am not overly impressed at the moment. I only made a 2 oz. batch of each. I do understand the difference in flavor..not after the taste..but would like it when people smell them they go yum.

Thanks for your help.


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I'm thinking I need to find another supplier...thinking about OT's flavor oils. I did another 2 oz. batch this morning of the Lemon Cheesecake and added 1 tsp (which is approx 5 ml) and a bit more sweetner than I used yesterday and I'm just not impressed. Perhaps it's just a light fragrance to begin with. The Sugared Strawberries was the same way..maybe a tad bit better.

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Well, I ended up ordering only 3 from Oregon Trails: Pink Lemonade, Voodoo Berry and Mint Green Tea. We will see how these go.

Thanks everyone for your help. So very disappointed in the ones from AH as I read the reviews from the SRB before ordering. I'm sure they just aren't playing happy with my base but they did for someone else. The joys of testing!!

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