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Really dumb question...


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I had a really big problem of a few oils not incorporating once and so I started shaking and heating them to solve the problem.

Now, I think more out of habit, I shake all my oils before making anything. I don't shake right before I pour though as it can lead to bubbles in the oils. I take out what I am going to make and shake it several times as I turn on my presto pot. By the time my wax is ready, any bubbles in the oil have dispersed and I am ready to go!!

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Thanks for the replies. I hadn't been shaking them until recently. I had a FO that didn't smell the same and I gave it a shake and it smelled great.

But, I hadn't heard of anyone on here saying anything about it and wondered if it was okay. I had searched for info on this and could not find any. I will be shaking them from now on.

This place has been great for learning how to make my tarts.



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