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Problems w/ alabaster?


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Has anyone ever had problems with them? (alabaster candle supply)

I placed a small order for 12 - 1 oz fos and they were out of endless love. They wrote on my invoice "we owe you on your next order and appologize for the inconvenience." I have emailed them twice and called twice with no response from them. I would like to get this oil I already paid for and I dont order from them but maybe once a year now cuz they no longer carry items I need or use. I just wanted to try these oils and the price was right so I went with them. So now it seems like if I dont order from them again I will never get my oil. This really fries my cookies. I placed my order a month ago, on march 1 , you would think they would have the common courtesy to return my emails or calls. :mad:

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Hm, I wonder if they have any disclaimers regarding this on their website? I don't like that they have not responded to you at all. :angry2:

I was just looking into their FOs because of the prices but have heard the strength is not the greatest. How do you like them so far?

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i have tried several of their oils in my 415 soy..the only one i had luck with was Orange Peel and Cinnamon...

and strenth was the problem i had..just not enough HT...But i have to be honest...415 soy..is a hard wax to find good HT fo's..

i go thru alot to find ones i like..

about their CS...i never had problems with that....

but i don't order very often..

but they should have given credit, on OFS oils..

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I had a problem on every order from them except my very first 2 orders. I used to order jars and I had issues with broken jars, wrong lids, wrong jars, and wrong quantities.

I would call and leave a message, they would call back a couple days later. I never got any replies via email contact.

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I finally got a message on my answering machine from them. They said my oil is on its way. I am iffy about ordering from them ever again.

8-GRAN-ONES-I am not using any of the oils for candles but I hope I dont have issues with them being weak in my lotions or body mists.

summerbug- I hope they fixed your issues. thats just poor CS. If they keep doing things the way they are I would expect them not to be around to long.

candybee- I agree, they should have taken time out to call me or email me letting me know they were out and see if I wanted to replace it with another oil or just keep me posted and ship my oil when it was ready.

EnvyCandles- I just wiffed from the bottles and they smell good but I have not tried them as of yet. I was waiting for my new bottles to arrive. I will probably try them this weekend some time.

If I do decide to give them another chance I will definately make a note with them to contact me when out of a product instead of leaving me in the dark. It really bothers me how they never answered my emails when I was asking about something I had already paid for but before I ordered I had a question and they answered it the same day.

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