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New to using a Presto Pot & have a question....

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How do you keep the temps high when you transfer the melted wax from the Presto Pot to your pour pot? Do you need to have the pour pot warm so it doesn't cool off your wax too much? I'm ending up having to use the stove top double boiler to reheat the wax that I already heated in my Presto pot. Keep in mind that I live in Colorado, it's been fairly cold here recently and I live in a drafty house. It's hard for me to keep the ambient temps in my kitchen at 70 degrees. :(

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Invest in an oven thermometer that has the silver wire and a probe on the end. I set my pour pot (glass coffee carafe) on a single burner with the probe in the wax and monitor my temp. I set the timer on the thermometer for 2 minutes when stirring in fo or color. If the wax gets too hot I simply remove from the burner. I have a griddle but it takes up so much space on my work bench and the single burner doesn't. HTH.


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