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Water Discount - ??


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I hear people talk about discounting their water when making CP.... can I ask how much of a discount some take? I feel very brave holding out a couple ounces on my 8# batch....(don't have my actual recipe here or I'd be more exact) - but do some of you take up to, like, 30%????


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Bulk of the time I use a 30% solution. Sometimes I am surprised, sometimes I have to move too fast and sometimes I just cuss because I forget to go full water, but I really don't like full water as my recipe will sometimes have to sit longer and I'm not an overly patient kinda gal.

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So this is suppossed to make for a quicker cure time?And a harder bar possibly?

So if I had 16 oz of water and 6.4 lye....I would add that lye into 8 oz of water instead....or 9.6 for a 40% solution?

Those are the correct numbers.

Divide your lye amount by the solution strength you want:

6.4 / .40 = 16

Subtract the lye amount from that for the amount of water:

16 - 6.4 = 9.6

In the end, the hardness of the bars should be the same. You just get there slower with more water because it needs time to evaporate.

The other effect is that the rate of the saponification reaction increases, so your batch will trace faster and harden faster in the mold. The temperature of the batch will go higher and peak sooner. It's also harder for the soap to gel as you near 50% solution strength.

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