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Probably the newbiest of the newbie newb questions...

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but what does USA stand for as an additive? I can find Universal Additive (UA) and Stearic Acid (SA) on suppliers websites, a google search treated USA wax additive as the United States and a search of this site turned up 8 pages, a lot of which were talking about USA the country but I can't find what the acronym means, as almost everyone seems to know beforehand! Help please?


Befuddled :embarasse

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Universal Soy Additive, not sure which suppliers carry it but I am sure others will chime in.:smiley2:

Oh thank you so much! It's not so much that I think I need to buy some, just that it was driving me crazy that I couldn't figure it out! :tongue2:

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funny: newbiest of the newby newb! Why can't I say fun things like this? I think I may adopt this phrase...

lol! I guess I get the ability to newb-speak from my 11 yr. old son! :cool2:

Honestly, I felt so silly asking, I knew it was something simple, I just couldn't figure that one acronym out! And we need a tearing-your-hair-out smiley, if there is such a thing! :yes:

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For SURE not the noobiest. I seem to remember once someone asking why their candle wouldnt burn... when they admitted they had simply melted a bunch of "random" wax together and stuck "some" wick from the store into it. Thats probably not even close to the winner, but it made me giggle.

Yeah you arent a real soapmaker until you've made a batch of pink sugar, watched it turn brown, and been OK with it, LOL :laugh2:

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