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Lotion Bar Packaging & Tins

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For those that make and sell lotion bars in tins, do you wrap the bar in decorative paper and saran type wrap first or just saran wrap by itself. I'm trying to figure out how to do an upscale presentation. I'll be using the silicon round guest mold and 4" shallow tins from WSP. Just tried the push up tubes..oh my...what a joke! Those suckers come flying out! Thought about the twist up tubes from Elements but they're out of stock and not sure when they will be back in.

any thoughts and suggestions appreciated.


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I had gone to wally world in the donut section to grab one of the papers you pick up the donuts with - I got it to test out a couple of ideas for wrapping different things.

It worked perfect to wrap around a massage bar and then put that into the tin!! Keeps the massage bar from bouncing around in the tin and getting all yuck-o.

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The wax paper was folded into a point around the bar so the points are towards the middle. with a round gold embossed sticker. Opens up like a Kaleidoscope. Don't know how hard that would be but was a good impression and cost about $15.00 per 2 oz tin. So don't sell them cheap.

I think you can make wax paper by ironing freezer paper to tissue paper.

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