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Searching for Ed Hardy Dupes


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Hi, I'm looking for dupes of Ed Hardy for Women and Love and Luck for Women, for use in soy. I found them at Exotic Fragrances but I'm not clear on whether their oils can be used in soy and I prefer a site where I can order via web (and not on the phone :smiley2:). Are there any kind souls that might make some suggestions?


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I keep seeing the Ed Hardy perfumes mentioned here and there, but I have never sniffed a single one. What is special about them? Are they particularly intriguing or just a recent designer fad?

ed hardy is all about tatoos. you can check out the official tatoo site


i think the perfume line came out 2-3 years ago. i think the original scent (for women) is really nice, but to me, expensive. this is the scent that bert's carries. bert's really does smell like it, but i could not get a long lasting throw in my wax. since then there have been a number of dif scents added and i truly love the hearts and daggers (women) scent. JS is now carrying that one, and i will probably break down and order it one day. have not checked out any of the manly versions, but they are out there too. oh, and he has a line of cothing, purses, etc. very expensive tatoo-ey stuff.

sniff them out at any larger dept. store-they are all over!!


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Thanks for all the info! But I would have to drive 2 hours away to Ulta to sniff them. :( Not really worth it,

I did try to find some descriptions online:

Love Kills Slowly (is this the original?) - mango, wild strawberries, red grapefruit, black freesia, amber and rose accords; fruity notes can fade leaving mostly a musk & amber dry down; is similar to Ralph Lauren' Ralph, Paris Hilton for Women, Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC, Betsey Johnson's fragrance

Love and Luck - red sake accord, bergamot, blood orange, nectarine, sandalwood, patchouli, black currant, pink peppercorn, forbidden plum, jasmine, cedarwood, sensual musk; summer, pina coloada, pineapple, beachy, coconuts, suntan oil, tropical; similar to Sean John's Unforgivable.

Born Wild for Women - description from the company: "A bright, mouthwatering opening of dewberry and cassis buds blend with the power of magnolia and peach blossoms to create a whirlwind of intoxicating aromas. The test of courage continues when notes of muguet and sandalwood mingle together wrapping you in a compelling trance. Finally the dust settles and all that remains is a sexy musk on your skin holding the memory of the dangerous journey.”; description from a user: "a sweet-ish, middle-of-the-road fruity floral in their signature tattoo-inspired packaging. The fruit du jour: peach. Born Wild is light (think spring/summer rather than winter/fall), clean and inoffensive, and the lasting power is reasonable enough."

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deisel ... my thought is fad, so I'm buying small to try it. Perfumes are such a diverse market that it's almost a waste to try it out, but what the heck, why not. I think it's more popular with the younger sets and we seem to have lost some of their business trying to appease a different age group.

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