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Suggestions for scents that won't turn brown


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I personally use fo's from WSP and Nature's Garden. Both list vanilla content insuring my soaps and lotions do not turn brown. Wish more companies did this! I've been very pleased with all I've received. Some I may not have personally liked scent-wise but all performed wonderful. When an fo does have vanilla I use WSP's Vanilla Stabilizer and have had no problems...this way I'm not limiting myself to strictly vanilla-free scents (which leaves out a lot of bakery stuff). HTH


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Thanks for the info regarding the stablizer, I may have to look into that in the future. I just felt like doing something today with a block of mp that I bought in Dec.

The scents that I settled on (4-5 bars each):

Cranberry Fig - colored it purple/pink

Coolwater/men - colored it lt. blue

Mystic Woods - colored it green/white

Coco Beach - colored it peach

Sweet Amber musk - colored it pink, it seems to have discolred to lt. tan

Ginger Lime - green and it seems to have discolred lt. tan

Sea Island Grapefruit - colored it yellow/white

Indonesian Teak - colored it blue/white

Now, I guess only time will tell if they darken. What I wasn't crazy about was how scents like Orange Chiffon Cake, Pink Sugar, etc turn very dark brown and make a brown lather - I was hoping to avoid that. We'll see,


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Although vanilla is a big culprit for turning soap color to brown it is not the only oil that will do that. Just use vanilla stabilizer for those FOs. WSP has a good one.

I always use the one from WSP. It is very inexpensive and does the job. However, it understandably only works on oils that contain vanilla. There are a few florals that I use which discolor the base a yellow tinge or brown and there is nothing that changes this.

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I use the Vanilla Browning Neutralizer from WSP which works for soap AND lotions containing Vanilla. You have to look at the ingredients in your FO and see how much vanilla it contains. I think I read that if the FO contains more than 1-3% it may turn your products brown. You have to watch because tropical scents have vanilla in them too and not just bakery scents.

I bought it because I really do not want my body butters or lotions turning brown. I don't think that would be too appealing. Plus, the color change doesn't just occur immediately. The color change can take up to a few months and I think if the color started changing when in the customer's posession, they may think that it is going BAD.:o


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I have never seen a % of ingredients listed for FOs at any supppliers sites. What supplier do you know that does this?

Natures Garden Fragrances list the amt of vanillin in the fragrance oil.


Take Coco Mango for example, I was surprised that it had 7% of vanilla in it. And Vanilla Bean had 9%.

Both of those soaps turned brown over a period of a month.

Coco mango turned into a milk chocolate color but then when I started usin it in the shower it got even darker.

The Vanilla Bean turned into a dark brown.

I really don't mind the brown in soap, but like I said before, somebody else using it might think otherwise if their soap is starting to get browner and browner when using it in the shower...hahaha!

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